Mail letter to Poloniex has been rejected in delievery


Hey all,

Just wanted to update the community about the follow up on this thread [A representive/manager of NuShares to aid the shareholders].

After the final letter had been edited, I mailed out to this address,

Mr. Tristan D’Agosta
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
1013 Centre Road
Suite 403-B
Wilmington, DE 19801

I got a call from UPS (service that made the delivery) earlier today that my mail has been rejected and refused to take by the person. In addition, the mail was not opened at all…

Any suggestions on why it has been rejected? I was thinking either Mr.Agosta was not there at the delivery or he refused to take the mail? I plan to resend it by non-registered way to the same address or send it to the second address,

Poloniex, Inc. c/o Cooley LLP
500 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02116
Attn: Poloniex Arbitration Requests

I am open to the community’s thoughts and ideas towards this discussion.



tell me you have not tried to write a complaint on the site bbb? I recently had a deal with lock my account on bittrex. week not responsible for the ticket. after treatment through the site bbb, I just answered and unblock my account.


Hey Mr.Crowly,

I have contacted the BBB before the having the idea of contacting Poloniex through mail. Apparently BBB said that they cannot seem to get in contact with them so they closed the case.

Here’s their actual response,

“Unfortunately, we aren’t able to pursue this complaint because the business is either unreachable or appears to be out of business. Know, though, that the information you provided us has assisted us in the information that we give to the public about this business.

If you wish to further pursue this issue, you might contact a legal advisor, the Attorney General’s office or your local police department. Thank you for your interest in an ethical marketplace, and if you have any questions about this issue, please do not hesitate to contact”


Oh man that sucks, I truly hope that’s because he wasn’t at his place

Anyway, maybe you should try again to send it by non-registered way, I’m afraid if you send it at the official Poloniex adress it will probably never be read or immediately tossed away


I’m wonder whether there was a mix-up. For the confirmation of delivery, we only need to know it got to Poloniex, not D’Agosta himself.

May be it should be resent, but readdressed:

(FAO Mr. Tristan D’Agosta)
1013 Centre Road
Suite 403-B
Wilmington, DE 19801

The letter inside should, of course, remain addressed personally to D’Agosta


I was thinking the same, I’ll look forward this week in sending it again readdressed.


In one sense, there is no necessary need to send the letter recorded - there’s no reason why an unrecorded letter should not get there. It is more a case of peace of mind, just to know that it has arrived.