Mail letter to Poloniex has been rejected in delievery

Hey all,

Just wanted to update the community about the follow up on this thread [A representive/manager of NuShares to aid the shareholders].

After the final letter had been edited, I mailed out to this address,

Mr. Tristan D’Agosta
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
1013 Centre Road
Suite 403-B
Wilmington, DE 19801

I got a call from UPS (service that made the delivery) earlier today that my mail has been rejected and refused to take by the person. In addition, the mail was not opened at all…

Any suggestions on why it has been rejected? I was thinking either Mr.Agosta was not there at the delivery or he refused to take the mail? I plan to resend it by non-registered way to the same address or send it to the second address,

Poloniex, Inc. c/o Cooley LLP
500 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02116
Attn: Poloniex Arbitration Requests

I am open to the community’s thoughts and ideas towards this discussion.


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tell me you have not tried to write a complaint on the site bbb? I recently had a deal with lock my account on bittrex. week not responsible for the ticket. after treatment through the site bbb, I just answered and unblock my account.

Hey Mr.Crowly,

I have contacted the BBB before the having the idea of contacting Poloniex through mail. Apparently BBB said that they cannot seem to get in contact with them so they closed the case.

Here’s their actual response,

“Unfortunately, we aren’t able to pursue this complaint because the business is either unreachable or appears to be out of business. Know, though, that the information you provided us has assisted us in the information that we give to the public about this business.

If you wish to further pursue this issue, you might contact a legal advisor, the Attorney General’s office or your local police department. Thank you for your interest in an ethical marketplace, and if you have any questions about this issue, please do not hesitate to contact”

Oh man that sucks, I truly hope that’s because he wasn’t at his place

Anyway, maybe you should try again to send it by non-registered way, I’m afraid if you send it at the official Poloniex adress it will probably never be read or immediately tossed away

I’m wonder whether there was a mix-up. For the confirmation of delivery, we only need to know it got to Poloniex, not D’Agosta himself.

May be it should be resent, but readdressed:

(FAO Mr. Tristan D’Agosta)
1013 Centre Road
Suite 403-B
Wilmington, DE 19801

The letter inside should, of course, remain addressed personally to D’Agosta

I was thinking the same, I’ll look forward this week in sending it again readdressed.

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In one sense, there is no necessary need to send the letter recorded - there’s no reason why an unrecorded letter should not get there. It is more a case of peace of mind, just to know that it has arrived.

Hi all,

It delights me that there has been efforts to get Poloniex execute withdrawals of NSR.

@Dexter, have you resent the letter yet?

Thank you for mentioning me in one of your posts as I am also yet to receive my NSR as well.

In case you need / can still include my support ticket number it is the following:

Thank you very much for your efforts!

Oh wow,

I just realized that two months ago I actually did get a reply from Poloniex to my support ticket:

Unfortunately this is a delisted currency and to process this withdrawal we will have to manually start and sync the wallet.

Because of this it will take longer than usual to process this transaction, as soon as we sync the wallet we will attempt to process your withdrawal, we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Poloniex Support Team

My original ticket was filed 4 months ago, their reply took roughly 2 months.

I think thus there is still hope if we can reach them together so they could batch process these manual transactions and I really think it would be a smart thing to request.

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Quick idea: Everyone saves a withdrawal address in their ticket system and you include those ticket IDs in the collective message.

Easiest for them should be to synchronize the wallet, then send an email to everyone with NSR balance (after cancelling any failed withdrawals), allowing some time to finally withdraw.

Obviously, we would prefer to be relisted.


It makes a lot of sense to chew this thing in the form that shows initiative and consideration from us to their resource limitations and thus would encourage compliance… As they would technically win more time processing this whole thing instead of going at it on individual to individual basis. There’s understandable hesitation if they’d need to manually sync each user individually… That’s just so much effort for single client for a delisted coin.

And yes, would love to see Nu’s back on major exchanges obviously.

Could there be a chance for entering into Binance?
Their volumes are huge even for bottom ones.

Hey, sorry for the late response. Yes, i did resend the letter and its been a silent month. Couple weeks ago, I found out that Poloniex does not have an physical office/location in Wilmington, DE…
So my efforts to mailing them the letter physically has been useless.
Take a look at the link above, its the same address Poloniex has listed on their official website exchange.

At this point, I dont know what to do next.

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Maybe we should all have withdrawals actively pending (so they’ll know instantly which addresses to send from which accounts) and send an exactly same message containing the following:

  • Simple explanation it being group effort of Nu community members
  • Out effort to batch their manual work together so they eliminate multiple tickets at once
  • The ticket numbers of each of us
  • And if we all have withdrawals pending, letting them know the pending addresses are correct ones
  • Letting them know all of us posted the same message so their tickers can be eliminated when job’s done

All this to eliminate needless back and forth (which seems to take couple months) and to help them justify manually syncing a delisted coin wallet… Which to their amount of work must be a tedious thing.
The more we can help their process, the better.
I would rather try this out than trying to intimidate etc.

Any possibility to get community heads do something like this?

Any other ideas?

PS. Being afraid this type of request would damage the hope of getting the coin listed back…
I don’t think the fear is well founded given it’s done in a productive manner (i.e. instead of threatening)

There are plenty of other and frankly more beneficial exchanges (for the coin) of whose listings would be much better time spent to chase anyway.

I think there will need to be suitable amendments to the letter, and then repost to the Arbitration address given on the terms & conditions page:

Poloniex, Inc. c/o Cooley LLP
500 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02116
Attn: Poloniex Arbitration Requests

I think it will be helpful to have the draft letter posted on the forum so all can see, otherwise we don’t know what we’re discussing. It won’t harm for it to be seen in public.

Whether it is a paper letter or we reach them digitally, yes, definitely agreed.

Hello all,

I just noticed that along with all my delisted coin balances on Poloniex (I have way more than 10 of them) NSR is the only one currently stating “Temporarily Disabled”.

Now I don’t know when this has changed. It might be a sign of some progress as they do need to do wallet stuff and at least they’ve done something to it within last few months.

Perhaps they got provoked to a degree of people trying to withdraw?
Just pure speculation either direction.
Did anyone notice since when they’ve had it disabled?

Here’s the letter that was sent to Poloniex. By the way, i received the non-recorded letter back in my mail so that didnt work out either. Open to everyone’s thoughts.

(FAO Mr. Tristan D’Agosta)
1013 Centre Road, Suite 403-B
Wilmington, DE 19801

Dear Mr. Tristan D’Agosta,

I write with solemn concern about an outstanding grievance of five Poloniex customers (including myself) in connection with crypto assets (NuShares/NSR) which are trapped in the Poloniex exchange and which we are unable to withdraw.

Our frantic efforts of submitting support tickets as well as attempting to contact your support personnel to resolve the matter have so far been futile. It has been some months exploring possible mechanisms of reaching out to Poloniex, but none of our struggles have born fruit despite support staff acknowledging in earlier correspondence that Poloniex would help us retrieve our funds by manually starting and syncing the wallet.

On behalf of myself and the other customers, I am taking the initiative to plead with you directly to help us in this matter.

To give you more background, in May 2017, Poloniex delisted NuShares. We acknowledge that Poloniex provided two weeks’ notice of the delisting, but not all customers visit Poloniex frequently; for example, some leave coins on the exchange as they are waiting for a change in price, etc. The upshot is that our NuShares are still on Poloniex, and we do not have the means to withdraw them.

We (and the wider Nushares community) wish to remain on excellent terms with Poloniex, even though the coin is not presently listed by your exchange. Nushares (and its companion coin Nubits) is not a “copy coin” but an attempt to solve the crypto price volatility issue. Its community is creative and active, and if successful in its aim, Poloniex may want to relist NuShares in the future. But, as you can appreciate, we do not want to be dependent on that positive outcome for the return of our assets.

The fate of aggrieved customers is in your hands. All we ask is that you find time to ensure that the Poloniex exchange fulfils its natural duty to return to customers what belongs to them.

Here are the support ticket numbers of shareholders, along with mine, that cannot withdraw NSR (NuShares): #701593, #361605, #141030, #502977, #699740.

I am looking forward to your response. For ease of contact, my --------. I appreciate you may have a heavy in-tray, but if you could acknowledge receipt of this letter, this would be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Hello everyone,

I submitted my ticket months ago, and as I was checking my mailbox today, I couldn’t believe that Poloniex actually replied. Here’s what they said about it

Now I don’t know if they’re truly gonna work on it but at least I guess they’re not totally ignoring the issue

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