[Withdrawn] T3 NuRiver Private

Nu community,

I am willing to offer $5000 (2500 each side) from private funds as T3 liquidity.
I provide the following conditions for your consideration and discussion:

  • Liquidity: $5000 (2500 btc / 2500 nbt)
  • General Spread: 0.6%
  • Condition: If Alix 4hr reads <40% on one side, the markup for that side will be 0.4% while the markup for the other side will be 0.8%.
  • Availability: Monday through Friday, 0700 to 1500 (US Central Standard)
  • No trades during high volatility times: If the 15min candle on bitfinex is >1% I will not trade.
  • Minimum trade: $300
  • Exchange value: Prices will be fixed to Coinbase at time of deposit.
  • Rebalance: I can ask for a re-balance from FLOT at market.

I will only deal with members that have a pseudonym here with a little reputation.

General Questions:
Why is the spread high?
These are my personal funds. I could invest them in other pursuits, but I am willing to use them for the community. The spread is my payment for this liquidity.


Interesting. But…
i am afraid you cannot compete with Nagalim’s and Tube’s T3 operations, not only because of the spread but also because of the volatility condition!

He has the same volatility condition - I took it from his grant.
And he can only offer so much liquidity and only be so available.

So you are promising to blacklist yourself and anyone you are suspected of colluding with? If you have a whitelist I think we need to specify exactly who is on that whitelist.

Edit: im sorry, what i meant to ask was why is this a motion? Why do shareholders need to vote on this? Its your money, do what you want. If you want us to pay you, Im going to ask for a whitelist.

the only thing I am looking for is the use of FLOT to balance at market.
As FLOT is shareholder based, I thought it would require a motion.

Why i cannot find this? @Nagalim?

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Its not in the grant, that and my condition of only dealing with people with a pseudonym are personal choices ive made, they are not enforced by contract. However, i have stated that i wont deal during times of large 15min candles (i believe i said > 1%)

This is not inside the hashed grant!
I haven’t voted for this!

Its not supposed to be. Im free to change it as i see necessary. Im held accountable to shareholders by my collateral (of which i actually have none) and my reputation (this one i have). For that reason, i dont want it to seem like im taking advantage of volatile times and i make sure the price settles down before picking a price point. The 1% on 15min candles is a guideline, not a rule.


Which is why I like the condition.

And if I don’t need shareholders to agree on getting funds from FLOT @ market…then forget the whole discussion.


thanks anyway.always glad to learn something new!

So basically my question comes down to what responsibilities for FLOT this generates. If you are willing to take a 0.2% loss on rebalances id be happy to rebalance you as a t3 custodian then flot rebalances me when they have time. Or you could be your own trusted custodian.

What im getting at is that picking a price to trade at is a very heavy responsibility for FLOT. The weekly buyback calculation is designed so that nothing is actually traded at the price FLOT picks, it is estimated then handed down to lower tiers to find more relevant prices at the time of transaction.


Understood. Not being able to read all of the posts about FLOT activities, I appreciate that summation!

Consider this discussion closed then. I will not seek the use of FLOT. And I will not seek to offer T3 at this time. Maybe in the future I will simply offer it private and “do whatever.” But not now.

Maybe you can offer a Nubot service with Flot’s funds like we are going to do. Even in other exchanges
like hitbtc?

I’ve been watching those threads. But I was looking to expand the base of T3.
I guess I’m just looking forward to B&C too much.

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I highly recommend being a trusted T3 custodian. Half-collateralize with BTC (i.e. provide the buy side to start with) and ask for a grant of the required NBT. Then, you can basically use yourself as T3 and interact with FLOT on their terms. At that point, you can do whatever you want, offer private T3 or get in on an ALP or promise a consistent rebalance for an MLP, etc. There are lots of options once you open a credit line with Nu. I’m just starting to scratch the surface myself.

When the contract ends, FLOT just gives you back the same number of BTC as you started with. Yes, this may be less than the number of BTC in your possession. That is why this is a trusted custodianship, your reputation is on the line more so than your money.


@Nagalim, thank you for steering that into what I consider the right direction!

@nmei, thank you for your initiative!