[Withdrawn] Proposal: Hire me as a junior documentation developer

This proposal has been withdrawn.


Welcome, @CoinaDay!
I’m glad you came by to say hallo.

I liked reading your introduction very much and I share the assessment that good, usable, up-to-date documentation is of great importance to maintain code and a lot of other stuff.
I happened to experience a lot of trouble originating from insufficient or outdated documenation both in my working life and my private life.

The NuBits whitepaper is a good example for outdated documentation. It hasn’t been updated since the beginning of Nu (as far as I’m aware of). Paying interest is the only means to reduce NBT supply (temporarily) included is in the whitepaper. The economical model of Nu is much more sophisticated now with NSR grants that allow reducing NBT supply by diluting NSR.
Finally Nu backs NBT.
So much more has changed, but what I pointed out is a very good (or bad :wink: ) example of how you can undermine the credibility of an operation by documenting less sophisticated means to keep the system safe and sound.

And very recently a Nu liquidity flow chart needed to be removed from the website. It was no more properly reflecting the liquidity provision scheme and other processes.

I’m writing this to say:
I appreciate your application for a junior developer very much! There’s desperate need for what you offer (at Nu and at B&C Exchange). Learning how things work by documenting them should enable you (considering your background) to contribute in other valuable ways as well.

I’m looking forward to a motion.
But it might not be required if @JordanLee is convinced that what you offer is valuable.
As lead architect he has some discretion for making this kind of decisions.

It might not be bad for Nu and B&C Exchange to have a developer on board, who might not shy away from being a public face as well.
I take you provided your real name in the thread and are not interested in staying anonymous, right?

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Thanks for your welcome, @masterOfDisaster!

I certainly understand that some information can be sensitive, but in general I think being as up-to-date as possible is certainly good. Vulnerability disclosure is a prominent example. With Nyancoin, I’ve prominently disclosed vulnerabilities we have when I became aware of them. Although it would be possible for someone to decide to attack the system rather easily knowing about the forking vulnerability it has, I felt the importance for any possible buyer or holder or stakeholder to be clearly informed if they weren’t already aware outweighed the risk of attack, and we seem to have been lucky and not had any issues so far with it (having a micro marketcap helps with reducing the incentive for such an attack too).

Certainly the liquidity model is a core aspect for how Nu operates and an important aspect to keep improving documentation of.

And you are correct, I am comfortable having my real name associated with this. I have previously associated it with my coinaday identity, although I haven’t done it recently or prominently. I don’t see a downside to it, and I think it can be handy to start building trust. I totally understand that it’s not option for others for various reasons but, while I might be naive, I don’t foresee legal issues for me with doing software development.

I can do verification if desired, but there’s only one Shaun Gosse in the world and so far as I know no one else has ever tried claiming it, since there’s not really any reason to do so yet. :slight_smile:

I thought a bit about how to do portions of the verification. I sent a copy of my resume to Jordan Lee which includes references. I don’t have a camera, but I could do a verification on shaungosse.com if desired. I built that website at the end of a road-trip when attempting to launch a premium software consultancy, which didn’t work and I ended up back in a cubicle. It’s simple and plain but it loads on everything and it has a bit of a description and demonstration of my ideas.


I’m interested in funding some documentation efforts for core documents/diagrams and publish them on the website. Preferably in a way that they can also be translated in other languages which would be good to have now but will certainly be needed as soon as we launch EU-NBT and CN-NBT and want to make sure it will be successful. I’m thinking of support in Transifex and the likes.

Yes, making things able to be translated is absolutely important. One of the keys for that that some websites get wrong is not putting text into images. Beyond that, localization takes attention to detail and ideally a native speaker for each language to review. For what it’s worth I can speak a little French, but not enough to produce a translation for these purposes.

Can you tell me more about what sort of documents and diagrams you’re looking for have developed? Perhaps they could be some good initial projects for me.

Making diagrams which can be easily localized (or even better, which don’t need to be) is definitely a potential challenge. For graphical design work, anything that requires visual appeal, I’m weak. If it’s just a flow chart or something I’m serviceable.

As MoD already said, the whitepaper and the diagram which have been recently taken off the website (it showed the Nu model) are the first things to start with. After that I believe the efforts should be on the website transition as mentioned in the other thread.

Yep, makes sense. I think the whitepaper updates should be pretty simple [straight-forward]. For the diagram, it sounds like I would need to research the current liquidity system (what documentation currently exists on that I could start reading?). I think the website transition would definitely be good and it sounds like that should help resolve a bottleneck in getting updates to it currently.

Welcome Shaun to the forum –
Having a public developer that can contribute to Nu and BCex progress while evangelizing to others its technologies is positive.
Whether or not the position of “junior documentation developer” is open depends on Jordan and its team I believe-

Some related references to Shaun:

Any reference to the crypto asset Coin-a-Day series ?

Ha, yes, the LinkedIn is me but old. I’m from Minnesota but currently out in Durango, Colorado. That’s the Reddit user. That’s the nyancoin site by the previous developer. Reddit user jwflame runs https://www.nyancoin.info/ which is our current reference site; the /r/nyancoins subreddit is most of our activity.

The coin-a-day series was on /r/cryptocurrency from January 1st 2015 through, huh, apparently it was only through January 17th in checking back on my archive. I took down the initial posts after I got annoyed. I reposted a couple with updates as “coin-a-week”; my next was going to be coin-a-year to repost the NYAN one originally from January 4th 2015. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin from the coin-a-week reposts. I’ll also post my NuShares one here for reference / some extra validation that I’m the real coin-a-day I suppose for those who read it in the original. :slight_smile:

As was pointed out to me in response, the initial sales were a closed offering. I described it in the piece as an ICO which was objected to. This series was just a hobby project for me to get some exposure to other projects and have some feedback on what I was wrong on, so overall, I like to think I did alright. Anyhow, without further apology, my original NuShares Coin-a-Day post, reposted:

Coin-a-Day January 12th


As endorsed by /u/reddcoin!


“I can tell, you did a great job researching Reddcoin, thanks for the great review!”

Today’s coin: NuShares (NSR)


Coin supply: ~607 million on open market; ~1 billion currently available [1]; 2% annual inflation [2]

All-time high: ~0.000036 BTC, January 9th [1]

Current price: ~0.000034 BTC [1]

Current market cap: ~$5.6 million [1]

Block rate (average): 1 minute [3]

Transaction rate: 2,816 / last 24 hours; ~$567,000 [3] [4]

Transaction limit (currently): 70 transactions / second [7]

Transaction cost: 1 NSR / kB [5]

Rich list: Top 100 address hold ~70.5% [6]

Exchanges: BTER, Excoin, CCEDK [1]

Processing method: PoS [2]

Distribution method: Initial coin offering [8]

Community: Active and helpful

Code/development: Closed source peershares fork [9]

Innovation or special feature: Ownership of NuBits system, cryptocurrency pegged to USD


NuShares are designed as an equity to control and collect value from the creation of NuBits, a dollar-pegged cryptocurrency [10]. By voting, the shareholders determine further issuance of NBT and NSR, the “park rate” interest on NBT, and arbitrary motions [2].


Their subreddit is small but still useful, while their forums are very responsive to questions and informative.


[1] http://coinmarketcap.com/assets/nushares/

[2] https://nubits.com/nushares/introduction

[3] https://blockexplorer.nu/status

[4] Transaction rate includes staking rewards

[5] https://nubits.com/nushares/voting-mechanics ; A couple quick, basic questions on NuShares This thread answered a few of my questions; note that because of automatic splitting into 10,000 share chunks, a large amount of NSR will inherently require a higher fee, unlike many other coins where a large transaction size (in value) may not require a large transaction size (in data in the block).

[6] https://blockexplorer.nu/topNSRaddresses/1 No apparent built-in summation so I calculated the sum. Any errors here are the result of sloppy transcription on my part while summing.

[7] Forked from peershares which is a fork of peercoin (based on thread in [5]), so bitcoin limit per block presumed to hold, and 10x multiplier from block rate. As always, these are theoretical maximum capacities based on presuming a minimum sized transaction at all times.

[8] Undistributed NuShares

[9] https://nubits.com/about/source-code ; and the thread mentioned in [5]

[10] https://nubits.com/about/white-paper

Further reading



• /r/nubits [sic] - there is no standalone nuShares subreddit

Disclosure, disclaimer, afterword

Disclosure: I currently hold 0 NSRs, because of a lack of time and being very tired tonight, rather than a lack of intent. I will probably try to buy some later. If you would like to donate NSR, Sivdr54XP7ge3wEovUDCo7ZHcZnEgBVMng should work.

Disclaimer: I meant to write more, but my “short nap” ended up becoming almost the start of my full night’s rest. Any accuracy or informative value is strictly accidental and unintended.

Afterword: If it weren’t for being closed source and highly concentrated, this would seem like an especially compelling system. The closed source nature seems unnecessary and perhaps even questionably just given its strong basis upon open source software, and there seems to be no immediate intent to follow through on the declared expectation to open source “a few weeks or months after release.” [9] But the concentration may be helpful in providing the incentive to keep the system strong and the community tight-knit, and the NBT peg has held strong so far.

Up next: Ripple

So tired; crashing. I’ll respond to comments in like a day…

That message above was in the original but probably holds for me here soon. :slight_smile: The reference to closed source is strange reading now. I think it was still closed source at the time but must have gone open source relatively shortly thereafter; I don’t know when that happened.

Obviously it was a pretty brief piece. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing when I did that one, but keeping up with getting one a day posted was rather challenging for some of that period logistically.

This account was actually made at that time when I was asking a few questions for the piece, so I’d actually done some research further in advance than some of the articles I slapdashed together. xD

It was fun though. I focused on trying to get an accurate overall summary of some key metrics overall (some of them like block size which matters for calculating throughput often aren’t explicitly noted and generally are just inferred to be at 1MB but can have interesting answers like with Monero) and mentioning whatever key distinctions they might have and trying to mostly keep my opinions separate and noted. I had generally positive feedback on the series and it was a lot of fun to do the research.

Edit: Also, I have no idea what that address is; don’t donate to it. ;-p Probably some ancient exchange deposit address I generated at the time, but I’m not still active on any of those accounts. I’m glad to generate NSR or NBT addresses to donate to though. :wink:

Edit 2: I checked it on the block explorer, and I see it had 10,000 NSR sent on the next day. I have no recollection, but I probably cashed that out at some point to BTC which probably ended up on Cryptsy buying NYAN and sent to my hoard. Quite a generous tip. Almost certainly the best tip I got while doing the series, unless the 6.66 BKS I just recently got is credited to the series which brought me to his attention. :slight_smile:

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It seems you like to research and document your coins, in a objective manner.
Of course the NuShares description has to be updated , in real time at that since it changes the agile way

Yes, research and documentation is very fun for me. I do try to be generally objective, but I definitely feel like my opinions come through inevitably. Some parts like my opinion of the community are inherently subjective.

Nu definitely has one of the highest rates of change of any cryptocurrency. It’s a big game of Nomic. :slight_smile:


@CoinaDay I love your enthusiasm.

In accordance with this being a decentralised network, I am trying to avoid having the network depend on me to the degree possible. I don’t see much of a reason for me to manage documentation work for NuBits, especially where I am not receiving any compensation from NuBits at the present time in order to allow me to focus on B&C Exchange.

Documentation is certainly valuable, while at the same time we have a very limited budget (we are currently capped at $10,000 per month on average in NuBit development expenses, and spending has been much lower than that the last few months). I mention this cap not because you will be subject to it, but just to demonstrate our funds are limited right now.

One of the most amazing aspects of our network is that it permits anyone to request and receive compensation from the network or to make a contract with shareholders, and shareholders are in a position to grant the compensation with absolutely no intervening authority. So, I will suggest you continue the conversation you have started here with shareholders with the goal of forming it into a custodial grant (if you require payment up front) or a motion binding shareholders to pass a custodial grant after work is complete if you are alright with being paid after work is completed.


Thank you! I’ve made an initial draft motion for this ; let me know what you guys think!

@CoinaDay, I’m not sure if anyone has shared this link with you yet, but this is a history Nu, which contains descriptions of all major events (links included) that happened from launch in 2014 until April 2015 when B&C Exchange was announced. I need to update it so it’s current, but have had issues with my job taking up much of my time. I should be free of this within a month or two, but I just wanted to share it with you so you have a guide which takes you through many of the major motions and community discussions. Everything past April 2015 other people will need to fill you in on what happened or provide links…


Yes, I read through most of it. It’s an excellent coverage! I really don’t know of any other project with that much core history in that short of a period of time with that good of documentation of it.

I totally understand the “job distracting from hobby” issue. NYAN2 is like half a year past my original goal for a release date because of that sort of thing combined with procrastination.

This is why I am really interested in trying something like this out, because I want the fruits of my labor to go into something I believe in, and documenting / developing on Nu absolutely fits. And this would be a very complementary position to my hobby as well, since it would help give me justification to finally buy a new laptop so I can have the RAM and virtualization support to do gitian builds properly (don’t want to attempt building with swap space personally just because I don’t want my build iterations to be that slow once I’ve got the system setup).