Why is the general population going to switch to Nubits vs Bitcoin?


Reddit discussion: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2xjr7y/why_is_the_general_population_going_to_switch_to/


It shifts the focus from some shitty casino capitalism get rich quick pozi scheme culture to one of using the coin on a daily basis. There is no “to the moon!” with nubits, there is only “pay the groceries!” and not only pay the groceries, but pay the groceries with the exact same amount you normally pay groceries with.


I would like to spend NuBits but I have nowhere to spend them - where do we start?
I am in touch with noobie.io to make NuBits accepted there.


What I do is go to the purchase page of a product and take the bitcoin address and put it into shapeshift.io with the price. shapeshift will tell you how much to pay and translate the payment to bitcoin. It’s an extra step but its pretty quick for the time being


For your reference: Noobie.io. open to new coins for business


There is also shapeshift lens which is a firefox/chrome extension. I’ve pinged them and told them they need to add nubits to the extension :slight_smile:


@ShapeShift_io visits our forum fairly often, and NuBits has already been added to their service. You should be able to use NuBits with the lens extension.


should being the operative word. It works on their website but it’s not in the chrome extension. I’m looking at it right now


Maybe @ShapeShift_io will show up and explain what the deal is.


Hi, there! @crypto_coiner @CoinGame @tylergillies thanks for reaching out and making us aware. We are updating the extension right now and it should be back up within the next few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


This is why they’re awesome.


It actually is now up :smile: Let us know if anything else comes up!