Why I think we do need a blog to reach to the outer world

We must attract people that are NOT in this forum / peercoin forum or CMC

We could write article such as this one :


and capture the audience…

I really wish some member of the community that wants to see his net worth growing step ups and writes something like this!


Copy-paste the blog you linked. Replace bit2me and bitreserve marketing with nubits marketing. Make the new blog go viral. profit

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I agree - perhaps you could draft/propose a motion that provisions the regular writing up of blog posts and the management of its posting tool?

Motions are a powerful tool to get things started and execute them.

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The conversation was started here but has not reached fruition -
Motions allow for decion making and execution without coercion.

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This medium post advocates using bitreserve to store the value of bitcoins.
By doing so you do not really solve the problems of the current banking system.