The excellent article written by @tomjoad in the wall observer topic (I’ll add a link when I’m not on my phone) got me thinking. Do we have an official NuBits blog? If not, should we consider one?
I think there could be a few benefits:

  1. Regular, new, keyword heavy content will increase search engine rankings and could help drive traffic to the site.
  2. A new blog post makes a good link for other social media.
  3. Can provide a single, human voice to explain and discuss the salient points of the Nu ecosystem which can lower the entry barrier for new arrivals at the site.
  4. Provides a place that can summarize important recent points from the forum which, again, can smooth the introduction for new arrivals.

I think the style and tone of the CCEDK article was really well judged and just right for a NuBlog. Does anyone else have a thought on this? (the blog, not the article)


I think it would be a great idea to have one. It’s easy enough to add to the website; all we need to do is duplicate the News page format. The tricky part is finding contributors.

I would love to see community members commit to writing one article a month, on a specific day. For example, I might commit to writing on the 13th of each month, @Ben might write on the 22nd, @CoinGame on the 6th, etc. This would ensure a continual stream of new material, without a massive time commitment for any one writer.

Topics could range from dreams of the future of Nu to topical musings on broader cryptoeconomy issues.

I would especially enjoy if @JordanLee would periodically share his thoughts on the philosophies behind Nu and the technical problems he is solving, although that may be a matter of personal preference for him whether he wants to publicly share that.

If this idea has enough popularity I’m happy to make mine the first blog posting, perhaps on December 13th.

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Such a blog would be great to find the basic news about Nu and its development.
That’s a superb idea!

If we go with a blog i would suggest medium for a hosted solutions or ghost .

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I’m glad this idea got a positive response. It does seem an easy way to provide a good amount of easily digestible information.

@tomjoad, I agree - regular contributions from team members would be a really good thing. As the dev team is going to be growing, it should, hopefully, become easier to get those contributions (can i nominate myself for some?)
It may also be good to have guest posters now and again as there are tonnes of really interesting ideas here on the forum which would benefit, I think, from a more in depth examination.

@desrever - both those platforms look really clean. Do you know if they play nicely when integrating with an existing site or are they completely stand alone?

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@woolly_sammoth Nublog is also a very cool name!

We could also include different languages in the blog, to bring Nubit closer to non native english speakers

If we need to lead with “Nu”, I’m partial to “NuLog” (or “Nulog”) instead of “NuBlog”.

It’s probably because I am a curmudgeon, but I’m getting mentally fatigued with appending “Nu” to everything (and that’s just an extension of what I felt about all of the “Peer” products).

Alternatively, like we did with our forums (discuss.nubits vs. NuTalk), we could break convention and go with a name like

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I would prefer to avoid using “Nu” prefixes for anything other than core products (NuBits, NuShares) and complementary products that interact with those products (like NuBippy). We risk confusing new users if everything is Nu- named, like BitShares has done with its legions of Bit- names. sounds nice to me.

I will commit to writing an article on the 13th of each month. Who else wants to commit to a day?

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@Ben would you be willing to make the decision on which platform to use, and let Ryan at SCF know? After seeing how well this forum operates I trust you on all matters of user experience interacting with original content.

medium is only hosted
ghost is hosted or stand-alone (there is an amazon EC2 AMI ready to deploy) .

I tried to get the domain some time ago under the same thinking :smiley: someone else took it

We could run it as a subdomain of (