Who is the NuTeam?

I asked this question during that debacle of a thread, but it was a serious question. A list of pseudonyms with roles or something like that would be nice, but more details the better.

Link: Nu as a decentralized startup. Some questions

The core team of contributors that I’m aware of are (and correct me if I’m wrong on any of them):

Architect - @JordanLee
Core Development - @sigmike, @erasmospunk
QA & Misc. - @Ben, @CoinGame, @pennybreaker
NuBot - @desrever, @benjyz, @woolly_sammoth
Communications/Marketing - @tomjoad

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This is what I was looking for, thank you.

NeuCoin uses a client version developed by Michael Witrant, aka “sigmike” (core developer of Peercoin and Technical Advisor to NeuCoin), that not only detects duplicate stakes so that honest nodes can reject them, but also punishes nodes that broadcast duplicate stakes by rejecting all blocks broadcast by the dishonest miner.

Not so cool… Actually, Neucoin might pull away a lot of attention from NU, correct me if I am wrong…

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[Edit: See @sigmike’s response below, my
understanding was limited.]

It’s beneficial to Nu in many ways; if they had uncovered a previously unreported vulnerability we’d have time to work to address it prior to their release.

I’m a technical advisor for Neucoin, so they’re not overstating this. The vast majority of my crypto related work is still for Nu though.

And the code they’re referring to in this statement is the code I wrote for Peercoin, ported from a first implementation I wrote for Nu (and the idea of this solution came from discussions on peercointalk, while Jordan also thought about this solution later independently).