A question about the future of Nu development from the end of next month

My understanding is the Nu development team is paid for their hard work on a monthly basis.

That money must come from a fund that was created from an early seed capital and shareholders’ money (example:sales of NSR).

However, it seems that that fund will have no money left by the end of next month.

If it is the case and if my understanding is correct, what would happen to the development of Nu once we have reached the end of next month?
I see 2 scenarios possible:

  • Nu raises additional fund to replenish the capital needed for keeping an active development of Nu
  • Nu does not raise additional fund. In that case, the Nu development team would not be actively working on Nu any more (at least as much as it has been the case so far) but it would open opportunities for additional contributors, since Nu is now an open sourced project, that would work basically for free.

Your thoughts?


In recent weeks I have been focused on formulating detailed plans for a major initiative that will bring value to NuShares while accelerating development efforts. Final preparations are being made to publicly present the initiative (which is likely to occur on Tuesday).

An informed and proper discussion of the concerns raised is not possible prior to unveiling this major initiative. Therefore, I suggest waiting a couple days to discuss this further.


That sounds exciting.