Which is the best cryptocurrency wallet you know? (mobile/desktop)

Show us mobile and desktop wallets that you consider well made and pleasant to use. Mainly interested in the major platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux). Open-source software preferably, but closed-source welcome as inspiration!

Bonus points* for wallets with identity management and multisig support.

Show me what you got!

* Points nonredeemable everywhere and carry no value.

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I believe the Dash team made a great choice: https://www.dashforcenews.com/dash-copay-multisig-wallet-first-step-evolution-heads-alpha-testing/
Multisig wallet and multiplatform. I believe it can deal with multiple accounts, but that is probably not what you meant with identity management.

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Copay supports multiple wallets that contain different addresses. Sounds like a great start!

Privacy on the blockchain is difficult, and certain individuals have important reasons to compartmentalise parts of their lives. Beyond the benefits of having funds organized, everyone should have the ability to avoid associating all their transactions with each other.

Future blockchain privacy technology will help, but the basic functionality is necessary now and anyway.

Wallet management structure

  • Personal
    • Spending/Shopping
    • Savings
      • Gaming computer
      • Pet owl
  • Crypto Life
    • Payments from NuBits
    • Donation Funds
  • Secret BDSM Life
    • Dungeon Funds
    • Toy Purchases
  • Rainbow Activism
    • Personal Spending
    • Event 2018
  • Dad’s Cryptoassets
    • NuShares
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
  • NuBits
    • NuBits (USNBT)
    • NuBits (EUNBT)
    • NuShares
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
  • B&C Exchange
    • NuShares
    • Bitcoin

Note: NuBits and B&C Exchange are used as examples, and they’re meant as multisig wallets. It may be convenient, but I think their fund security should not rely on the party publishing the app to app stores.

How’s the potential for multicoin support in Copay?

Identity management must be simple and intuitive. I’ve noticed with both Unibox (an email client) and today Bitmessage that I could easily send a message from the wrong identity. A reply to a message received with one identity would have been sent from another identity if I hadn’t manually changed.

Where nobody gets something quite right, there’s opportunity.

Support for multiple assets is important. Our wallet should support at least all NuBits and NuShares, but it’s an attractive benefit not needing to use additional software for holding Bitcoin and other cryptoassets.

There is an additional cost in complexity in supporting multiple assets in one wallet. Just Nu and NBT should be ok as they rely on the same blockchain (still some Gui work required). Adding other assets would make it more complex and therefore expensive I believe.

Get what you mean, this area is still very immature in crypto world from what I’m seeing. Copay’s multi accounts should work, haven’t been able to look at that how that works myself though.

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