What's your marketing strategy?

Is there any discussion on marketing strategy?

Other than social media outreach we haven’t put much emphasis on marketing. We have educational videos on our youtube channel, and our website is very clear about how everything works. There’s some promotional videos that should be coming out in a few weeks and that will probably be accompanied by a greater campaign.

There’s still a lot to be done with improvements to the client and our trading tools, so that’s what the core team has been focused on.

Our users have been doing the best marketing for us. Reaching out to services and asking for them to support NuBits. Shapesift.io said they would be adding us in a few weeks apparently. Some other users have stated there’s a lot of localbitcoins.com posts popping up for NuBits. A new exchange has decided to support us and we didn’t even reach out to them.

Word of mouth has been sufficient. We’re enjoying the low flame right now.


To add to CoinGame, our marketing strategy has been to build an attractive brand platform that makes communication easy. I think it’s been very successful so far - feedback on the website and forum have been very positive in external sources. It wouldn’t do us much good to start blasting mass channels before we’re ready for the attention. There are still major potential changes that could occur to the protocol, trading bots, etc. in the next few weeks.

Once NuShares begin public trading on exchanges we’ll see a lot more attention on Nu. My hope at that point is that shareholders begin to take the initiative on undertaking their own marketing development projects using the tools (messaging, logos, and platforms) that the Nu developers have provided.

I hope major kinks/rough edges are ironed out before large scale marketing is started. In my view major kinks include technical ones (e.g. bot colliding) and networks ones (e.g. only a few exchanges), organizational ones (e.g. all share holders are hand picked; custodians have to be a well known person) and economical ones (e.g. the ponzi accusatiion), It will take time.

However this is not to say putting together a PR strategy is too early. We should have a well communicated and understood strategy that takes various factors into consideration. So this discussion is good.

Maybe David has a plan laid out for the future?

David is taking some time off to attend to some real-world issues. I’ve taken over his role handling the website, reddit, twitter, etc. and will be working closely with CoinGame, Ben, Desrever, Cybnate, Pennybreaker and all on some projects that are in the pipeline.

At this stage in a cryptoventure, planning out the next 6-12 months would be impossible because everything changes so quickly. We’ve built the tools and platforms in such a way that we now have the luxury of being able to react to opportunities as they present themselves, without having to define core elements of our brand. As long as the peg is maintained at $1.00 US, we will grow bigger and more influential every day.