What's been happening to Nu in the past few months?

I haven’t been here for a while and was wondering if anyone could post a summary of what problems and new solutions the community has found. Perhaps we can update the history of the Nu Network here: https://docs.nubits.com/history/

I have been so busy with Ethereum’s growth, that I forget about the coin that will one day be the #1 stable crypto coin to use, that many people use.

Also, is there any evidence that the Nu experiment is failing?

Here, check this out:

No indicators Nu is failing. We performed some buybacks with our extra money and now we’re at a kind of equilibrium with the market. An indicator of issues would be something like T4 reserves dipping down to 10% of circulating nubits or lower.

Our share price is pretty weak recently, however, so feel free to buy. :slightly_smiling:

Edit: try going here and looking through the edits on the OP (click the little red crayon with the 150 next to it)
Nu Voting Hot List – Jan, 17 2018
That should give you a kind of history, especially if you compare and contrast with the motions and grants accepted onto the blockchain.

My brief history of the last couple months:
We formed an elected team to manage Nu funds via multisig, we performed nsr buybacks to reduce our btc liability, we hedged $30k into usd via NuSafe, we passed a motion to begin buying peercoin and forming a peercoin multisig, we worked on putting out ALP v2 which is an upgraded pool software, NuLagoon started the Tube which is an off-exchange trading hub for btc/nbt, we worked on Nu 2.1 which had some hiccups and we dont suggest you run it yet, we are trying to hire developers for B&C which is now the devs’ main focus (except one or two devs who are still fixing Nu 2.1.1).

There 's more, it’s hard for me to summarize it all.