What is your favorite exchange to trade NBT and NSR on and why?

It will be useful to find out which exchanges are most popular for our users, and for what reasons.

NSR: bter if I’m patient for the big spread, poloniex if I’m impatient for the small spread.

NBT: bter for my pools cause it’s a ghost town but the compensation is still good. Poloniex for arbitrage and actual nbt/btc trading. CCEDK nbt/USD if I sold some ppc or whatever on CCEDK because nbt is way easier to withdraw than USD.

Poloniex. I used them a lot since last summer and have never had problem.

likes: nsr volume
dislikes: Small ppc volume. Computer runs hot if page left open. Hand in personal info to withdraw anything

likes: Fiats; nbt/usd pair. Many ppc, nsr, nbt, btc cross pairs. @ronny answers support ticket (quickly); New product development effort.
dislikes: Not much volume on the cross pairs lately. Small technical glitches (get fixed when reported)

likes: no hassle withdrawal.
dislikes: can’t generate extra deposit address. no PPC

likes: huge ppc volume. stable. many security options
dislikes: many hackers must be trying to break into it everyday

likes: cny pairs
dislikes: withdrawal of non-btc needs to hand in personal info. subject to PRC government control.

dislikes: unresponsive support. little volume on nbt, nsr, ppc


I just withdrew 10,000 NSR on Bter from an account with only an email address verification.

This does not satisfy the premise of NBT and NSR exchanges. If we’re saying btc-e, I would also say coinbase.

This is a good summary. My biggest issue with CCEDK is that they are almost trying to make it hard to find the pairs that are active. This is exacerbated by all the cross pairs and strange markets that don’t really exist on other exchanges. It’s one of the main reasons why I simultaneously want to love CCEDK but simply can’t.

Poloniex has some serious website issues. Loading their trading pages on my mobile gives my phone a heart attack.

I have just checked. You are right they don’t ask for personal info any more.

I just use Poloniex. I was using BTER but after the big hack I was lucky to get out unscathed. I also used CCEDK and never had an issue until I got a strange email from Ronny saying I owed money and then they got a hidden attack. Thought it was best out.

Poloniex is easy to use and seem to work well for me. I guess they’re all susceptible to attacks / hacks though.

@cshelswell I hope you remember that the “strange” mail you received from me was based on amount of Nushares you had received wrongly explaining you why as part of wrongly configured automode of Nushares, where every deposit gave you automatically half of this back directly from hot. Since your amount was some 50K and the time was hectic as you know, I forgot all about giving you adress where to return this amount. I think it is only fair to explain the case in full, if you wish to explain why you left CCEDK. You were one of the users I expected to be normal users with only honest approach to matters, and i still believe this. There was unfortunalely others who benefit greatly before we managed to locate problem and put a stop to it.

Hi Ronny, I did actually reply to your email back then requesting more information. I don’t normally find it best practice to hand my money over as soon as I receive an email requesting it. I still have no problem resolving the issue, all I had asked for back then were the details of the transactions where I had been incorrectly paid.

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Apologies to you then, in whichever way I may have put some faults on you. I think at that time I basically forgot all about it, as your case was obviously not with any harm intended, considering the amount at stake. Will look into the matter when I have some spare time, which is seldom these day, thank you for the reply.