What is the problem here ? why you dont decrease the circulating supply?

You suppose to decrease to maintain the peg. you even answer e-mail , what is you answer ? when this ponzi scheme will back to 1 usd ??

Your emails have been extremely hostile and threatening. In order to decrease circulating supply we have to buy back the outstanding units, or have holders park their NuBits which can help restabilize the system.

Why you never answer e-mails ?? i been send e-,mail to you for 2 months ! just ask what is the plan and when is gonna come back ! The lack of answer mean no professional team behind this ico. i have a lot money lost on ico with the only reason to have it is to keep at same price. I know you guys dont care, but i will give you what you deserve !@ and i still have the question, what is the plan to make it back ? estimate time ?

We do care, but struggle to address everything at once. Hiring people that do their job satisfactorily has proven difficult. I didn’t create this project, and have had to develop a deep understanding for every process that is at play while keeping critical services running and ensuring that the right developments are made. We’ve learned many valuable things along the way. I believe we will succeed.

A press release is being composed that will explain in easier to understand terms what can and must happen for peg restoration. We have positive news to share.


Hi Jooize,

Do you know when this press release might happen? I’m very interested and hope the NuBits peg can be restored. In theory it seems like a much better alternative to Tether, if we can make things work.


I would like to raise awareness to the fact that the circulating supply