What is the best way to move NSRs within one wallet?

I am paranoid and I do not want to make any mistakes.

My NSRs are scattered over 30 addresses.
I would like to clean up and put them into 3 addresses, only.

I can think of 2 ways:

  1. select 3 from the existing 30 and send NSRs equally to those 3
  2. create 3 new receive addresses and send NSRs equally to those 3

What is the best way?
And what happens to my coins age in each case?

Tks a lot for your help.

If you move your coins, you will reset coinage. I’d suggest you make a new address and simply send your wallet balance to that address. Note that you’re gonna pay a boatload of fees for all those inputs (probably less than 10 nsr).

How do you have nsr at 30 different addresses? Are you sure it’s not at 1 address with 30 different outputs? The wallet autochunks nsr into 10,000 nsr groupings.

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Tks for your answer.

Right. There are addresses among the 30 that are outputs but I did create more than 10 deposit addresses in the past.
The end goal is to print out the encrypted private keys of my wallet.
I d like to limit the number of keys to 3.

Based on your suggestion, I will create 3 new addresses and send my NSRs into those 3 addresses and wait 7 days before being able to mint again. This was my idea as well but I wanted to get a second opinion. :smile:

What about the stake? I cannot send the stake right now. I guess I would need to wait till the staking is consumed, before being able to send it as a part of the balance (before it gets into the balance), right?

EDIT: What is the fastest way to unfreeze the staked balance? Sorry for asking so many questions.

The stake created when minting a block needs to have 5,020 confirmations before it can be spent (which would under normal circumstances be approximately 3.5 days).

I see. Tks. So if I want to spend the NSRs indicated under the Stake field in the Overview option in QT, I need to stop minting and wait for 3.5 days roughly?

Yes, you need to wait.
But you don’t need to stop minting - after they reach a spendable state it would require even more time before they could mint again (depending on difficulty);
if you send them once they are spendable, everything is fine.
In case you don’t want to risk anything (e.g. having some of the outputs mint again :wink: ), stopping the minting is the safe way.

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Tks for the piece of advice.
I am gonna stop minting and wait a few days and verify that my stake is decreasing.

You are experiencing the point of PoS: once you verify a block (i.e. mint) your funds are frozen for a few days to prove you have a stake in the verification process.