[Coin Control features] How to transfer safely NSRs from one address to another within one personal wallet

Bumping from What is the best way to move NSRs within one wallet?
I am interested in transferring from address1 to address2 that I own in my wallet.
How do I do that with Coin Control Features?

  • Select the corresponding address1 box after clicking the “Inputs…” thumbnail
    OR more simply
  • Select “custom change address” and enter address1 in the box?

For address2, enter address2 in the “transfer to” box should do?

just select the inputs and send them to the address you want. Do the full amount so there’s no change and you won’t have to worry about it.

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note that if the from address has been minting thered “staked” outputs can’t be moved.

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“Payment to one’s self”, it says , great – I could transfer the “full balance” of the address, but indeed 10kNSR is still in there frozen for staking reason I guess