What if Bter never work again?

I am sad to see that Bter was only exchange with enough volume for trading NSR. What can we do to make trading possible?? Can we choose another exchange platform and make it official so everybody use it???

I guess we ll see other reliable exchanges pop up that trade nbt and nsr, especially when nu is open sourced.
Just a bit of patience. :smile:


Once we are open-source there are other major exchanges like Bittrex who plan to add NuBits and NuShares.

We need to keep pushing for votes on open-source however; it seems to have stalled at about 41.5%. I urge anyone who has not yet set their vote to “yes” on open-sourcing to do so. With the recent events it is critical that we get broader coverage on exchanges.


sorry, i have about 100k on Bter, so i cant vote before withdrawal, im sure we will vote this as soon we get our shares after new year

an exchange inside nu wallet between nsr-nubits would be useful. should we make a bounty about it?

Yea, BTER is big loss for NU-world, i liked them and accustomed to their interface. Hope they will find any solutions or their new owners…
As for me, NBT trading looks good at allcoin exchange. Haven’t any problems with depo and withdr. Believe, that they will includ nsr into this, also.

bter ill reopen soon for withdrawals for usd fiat and some alts and the rest when everything look safe to do so also if they don’t re launch the site they to sell all together minus the users funds & Debits to pay back users for lost of btc so we might see it back under a new administration

Please come trade at ALTS.TRADE these guys are supper cool and are big supporters… They even posted some cool stuff about NUSHARES (for us) yesterday. Let’s give them a try.

Can i vote if I’m still on a mac 0.5.2 wallet?

you can, but your blocks won’t be accepted any more by 0.5.4 clients.

The blocks produced by the v0.5.3 ARM binary on my Raspberry Pi are still being accepted by the v0.5.4 QT wallet on my PC. I think you are just not allowed to insert duplicate motions.

Hm. Then maybe this statement from Jordan was made to protect the network from a fork.

It seems that Bter just came back online.

There are 168btc on the buy side. https://bter.com/trade/nbt_btc
Is that real?

I’m not sure I’d trust anything on there just yet. If you look at the homepage there’s no volume for any coin.

I’d say they’re still trying to figure it out.

Trading is disabled. It is only open so you can withdraw USD and NXT