What do you think Nu needs to achieve in order to become de facto the internet currency

To me, a high distributed low-risk liquidiy:

  • high: 1 billion NBT
  • distributed: plenty of independent providers over plenty of independent exchanges
  • low-risk: tiered and pooled
  • liquidity: on the buy and sell sides


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Easy to use mobile wallet and easier ways exchange fiat to NBT e.g. pre-paid cards which can be loaded into a wallet.

Signing up to an exchange is for many a bridge too far or practically impossible. Even with sites where you can buy crypto currencies directly you still need a bank account which many don’t have.

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A use case that beats fiat and demands the supply of Nubits!!
Why would one use NuBits from the first place if there’s no market where to use it, for example.
Remember, bitcoin was supplied because it fills a demand and a role as a currency for black market transactions.


Chicken and egg problem regarding usage. NuBits is supplied to provide a stable crypto currency for the unbanked or for the people who like to move away from banking for several reasons. This can be cost- or politically driven. When enough people are made aware demand will grow. Advertising and temporary incentives are important ways to do this.


Nubits sold/bought by entities other than exchanges: payment processors, shape-shift and competitors, ATMs, money changers, tobacco shops and zillions of on-line shopping sites selling charge cards …

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“de facto internet currency”

There are many things that need to happen for that to play out and many paths to get there. The path I imagine starts with decentralized and trustless crypto exchanges gaining more penetration and reputation. These are coming and they are not going to be getting fiat bank accounts. :smile: I think becoming the predominant ‘stablecoin’ of these decentralized exchanges would be a good first step. Then we will have a sort of market effect on our side.

To sum it up, NuBits needs to become the defacto cryptocurrency exchange base pair.


it needs also a trustless peg

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