Welcome woodstockmerkle as a new developer!

@woodstockmerkle is familiar to the community as an active forum participant, FLOT signer, and recently as someone who took the initiative to help with NuBit 2.1 bugs.

woodstockmerkle will be working on both the NuBit and B&C Exchange projects 5 to 10 hours a week, and his first task will be working on the NuBit 2.1 release.

Please welcome woodstockmerkle to the development team with me!

We still need one additional developer, which I will be saying more about quite soon.


Awesome and congrats to @woodstockmerkle! The Nu/B&C team keeps getting bigger and better. Iā€™m sure we all look forward to the new hire for B&C as well.

Great! I hope our B&C exchange can afford to support long term developers with a part of our revenue in future.