Website now displays Exchanges by NBT and NSR

It occurred to me that we are now featured on enough exchanges that we should be displaying a separate set of exchanges for both NBT and NSR. Please let me know if I have forgotten any exchange on either listing page.

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If I go to, what is shown? Is it NuBits and NuShares exchanges grouped together? Or should that page default to Nubits?

Great idea!
Would be nice to have a link to the NSR trading pair in the “NSR Exchanges” overview and to the NBT trading pair in the “NBT Exchanges” overview.

NuBits and NuShares traded here:

I’ve made a simple selector page between NuBits and NuShares. Each link will go to the dedicated exchanges page for NBT and NSR.

Perhaps more feedback is needed here. I’ve chosen the route of eliminating all direct URLs to the BTC trading pairs, because on some websites additional ones (USD, LTC, etc.) are present that might be forgotten about. On other exchanges as was the case with Excoin, NBT will be used as a base trading pair and possibly should be represented as its own section in the future. I think for now it’s better to simply point our users to websites where NuBits or NuShares are traded, and let them determine if the trading pairs offered meet their needs. I’m open to being convinced otherwise however.

Has anyone traded there yet? It looks like the volume is non-existent so far. I know Banx Capital purchased Atomic-Trade as part of their strategy to consolidate businesses, but I’m unclear if is being used for much yet. I’m hesitant to list exchanges simply for making our list look bigger, and would rather just promote ones that we know have active volume.

What does everyone think?

That makes sense!
I thought I had seen direct URLs to the NSRBTC trading pairs, but not to NBT trading pairs before I considered asking that question.
After having read your explanation I think no direct URLs are better.

That leads to a chicken and egg situation: no promotion here, no rising active volume there…

any plan to add NSR to bittrex.con? I been trading there for a while and I can tell you nsr would get massive volume at times a lot crazy API trading

edited: I just notice bittrex needs Proof of devs & source code reviewing and concept behind it

Nice job @tomjoad

We are in contact with Bittrex and hope that NBT and NSR will be added to their platform after we open-source in a few days or weeks.

Shapeshift is listed as both NBT and NSR, but they are only compatible with NBT.

Good catch, change has been made to is under nsr but it doesn’t hold NSR trade market


also I fond this exchange with NSR and NBT trading

also fond this very interesting

and full list of exchange

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Looks great by now :wink:

I fond this exchange I added a vote in the Suggestion box added
(NuShares Nsr might take a while to show up in the vote link

Hi @NubitGuy.
C-Cex were one of our original supporting exchanges. They had several NBT pairs available but removed them before we were able to secure a custodian due to Low Volume.
They may be open to re-adding NuBits but I wouldn;t hold my breath. The good news is that if they do, NuBot can start opperation straight away (technically that is, we would still need a custodian).

ahh ok well only added nsr didn’t know about them until now thanks for the info