Wallet has stopped minting NuShares

Hey everyone,

I’ve been minting NuShares with no problems for a while now, but for the past six days have seen no minting activity even though my wallet is unencrypted. Is this normal, and if not does anyone have advice on how I might troubleshoot?

Probably due to overflow of the block allocated to votes.
How many votes (custodial, motions and rates) ongoing do you have?

See: To Mint OR Not To Mint

I had a not-minting problem with my ras-pi that should not be related to voting (as the same wallet finds blocks on my laptop)

I had to reinstall the operating system and the wallet to fix it. Took more than 3 days to download the blockchain.

Hey @Halcyonic, do you know how to check the debug.log file?

In this doc you can find out how to “find the Nu data dir”, and in that dir is a file called debug.log. You can check the bottom of it to see if there’s any errors. If you want you can send me the log in a PM and I can take a look at it for you. This would be the first step to seeing what the issue could be.

Also, you can go into the console and type “getblockcount” to see the height of your chain and verify that it matches the block height on the block explorer status page. http://blockexplorer.nu/status

Ah, yeah I had a bunch of old custodial and motion votes still in the client. Hopefully deleting them does the trick, thanks for the tip!

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This vote block size limit is rather very annoying - It removes the voting ability of shareholders if surpassed and goes against the interest and the security of the whole Nu network.
There should be a mechanism in the wallet that ignores custodial grants and motions that are already passed.
cc @sigmike

There’s an issue about it already but it was not prioritized: https://bitbucket.org/JordanLeePeershares/nubit/issue/88/make-the-client-remove-votes-for-elected
The maximum vote length should indeed probably make fixing this issue a higher priority. What do you think @JordanLee?

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Clearing my old votes solved the problem, but thanks for the info and offer to help!