Odd error message

I got this error message when running a new installation of nu on Raspberry pi (raspian)

nud: kernel.cpp:475: unsigned int GetStakeModifierChecksum(const CBlockIndex*): Assertion `pindex->pprev || pindex->GetBlockHash() == hashGenesisBlock’ failed.c: Permission denied

The blockchained was copied over from my laptop. nud is sync’ed but it doesn’t find any blocks while the laptop with the same wallet does.

Anyone has explanation?

I think your ~/.nu directory might not have the correct read and write permissions for nud to use it. How did you perform the copy process? scp (ssh) should actually preserve permissions, but if this went over an USB stick then I am not sure what the FAT16 file system will make out of it.

You can try to see if this is the issue by running chmod g+rwx ~/.nu and starting nud again. However, this is not a good final solution.

The permission is 0711. .nu/database is 0700. I did manual chmod. I wonder why the c: in c: Permission denied as it is not a windows system.

Did you check the owner too?

Yes everything is owned by one (normal) user and the group only has this user. nud is installed in the ~/.nu directory.