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Right now some of the profits is being distributed as dividends though buybacks.

That is one strategy.
Another strategy: the cyclical pump and dump
Another one: positing that nu becomes quite gigantic on the very long term (like several decades) , and working proactively for it, selling every once in a while a bunch of shares to the market (like every 5 years )

I think this is fine though as it’s important to strengthen our NuShares market cap in the event of a huge drop in NuBits demand. With NSR buybacks, the money stays within the network in the form of increased scarcity of NuShares, as opposed to the money completely leaving the system as dividends in the form of an external asset like Peercoin. I think real dividends should only start once we’re in a better position when it comes to adoption and the number of daily transactions. Allowing the profit to leave the system before then is potentially dangerous and unsustainable.


Do you know how much of a technical undertaking it will be?

The most important and difficult part will be getting exchanges on board. We should put it in Nu 2.1 and have it activate at a block like 6 months in the future.

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At the moment there’s only two exchanges that have any real NBT volume, how hard could it be to contact them?

Jordan Lee commented on this a few months ago:

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I wonder if we can code in some sort of mortorium for non-minting NSR transactions on the NSR part of the blockchain for a period of of 2 weeks, and 1 week into the moratorium is when the decimal point is moved.

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$ 0.002999 (-10.62 %)
0.00000801 BTC (-10.66 %)

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$ 0.002718 (-11.94 %)
0.00000726 BTC (-11.93 %)

No buy support… there is literally 2 BTC on the buy side on Polo.

Hmm… looks like ~20 BTC currently (~$8k USD)

$ 0.003350 (+16.03 %)
0.00000798 BTC (+16.27 %)
Cause this thread is always so cynical.


$ 0.002630 (-2.03 %)
0.00000602 BTC (-4.51 %)

new lower

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Who is selling and for what purpose? In any opportunity to buy

$ 0.002385 (-15.60 %)
0.00000583 BTC (-12.69 %)

will buy some

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Someone dumped 4.7M NSR. Hope these shares either stay in circulation to increase NSR liquidity, or go minting.

NSR price stayed remarkably stable.


This panick sold perhaps because of this:

from USD walls only?

Meh, i doubt it. Probably someone concerned about Nu bankruptcy, sure, but i doubt it’s due to that post individually. Like @mhps said, I hope this increases our mint difficulty and voting rates.

Damn, someone really wants out.