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Something else to keep in mind, it’s closing in on the end of the year and I feel that there’s a strong corrolation between cryptoasset pricing and seasonality. While there are a few people out there making a living in the cryptoasset space, it is my hypothesis that for the most part, investors are “hobbyists”. When money is needed for holidays (trips, gifts, etc.), their cryptoassets are probably the first to be liquidated.

It’s impossible to definitely separate out the effects of investor sentiments from the impact of seasonality, but we’ve not seen an influx of “anti-NSR” weighted topics or comments lately. I personally feel that a lot of the block selling has been due to investors having to meet other obligations or portfolio mix adjustments, rather than a change in heart about whether NSR is a worthwhile investment.


I think there is also a strong effect of BTC being at a 50+ % price compared to pretty much the whole rest of the year. Every time BTC sees a significant rise in price FOMO kicks in.

I see three possible explanations for the small price decline over the past two weeks:

  1. Seasonality (as @Ben pointed out). It’s been common the past few years in most cryptocurrencies.

  2. Our share price more than tripled from 0.0018 USD to 0.0060 USD in the span of a few weeks, after having no liquidity for months. There are likely a few shareholders looking to liquidate, and they were waiting to see how high the price might go before they needed to start competing. This competition is good for shareholders, because it encourages discounted NSR sales (as we’ve seen the past two buyback weeks)

  3. Not mentioned yet is that the US dollar has increased in value relative to every other currency in the world lately, and this trend will probably continue with the increase in interest rates announced today by the US Fed. I have no proof, but it seems we have a large contingent of shareholders from Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. For those shareholders, you can add up to 20-30% extra profit on to their NSR, because cashing out to their local currency from USD is very profitable.

Our fundamentals are still very strong and most shareholders recognize it. B&C Exchange is coming soon, new NBT products will be introduced, and overall NBT demand should increase over the next year.


$ 0.003780 (-56.81 %) vol 24h $ 20,794
on coinmarketcap.com

The lower the price, the more shares we can buy back and burn.

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$ 0.003320 (-13.24 %) $995 Volume (24h)
on coinmarketcap.com

$ 0.003145 833,598,906 NSR * $ 2,681 -17.40 %

Looks like I might have to start buying again soon.

The buy back should suffice, doesn’t it?
$ 0.003055833,598,906 NSR *$ 3,941-16.13 %

NuShares $ 2,436,726 $ 0.002923 833,624,530 NSR * $ 3,484 -20.21 %

Including the current buyback #15, roughly 445 BTC will have been used for buybacks. The market cap today is roughly the same as back on November 1st.

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I suppose some shareholder sold big chunks. NSR is now more distributed small shareholders, and there is more liquidity on the market.


I think so too, as I can barely imagine shareholders to exit now.
Reducing the investment, collecting a gain of give or take 100% for early investors (only the increased rate, not to speak of the dividends) are good reasons to sell some NSR.
Maybe I’m delusional, but I consider Nu in the best shape since its creation!
There’s still a lot to do to improve e.g. liquidity provision.
On the other hand there’s a lot of achievements.
No, now is not the time to exit.

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$ 0.003097 (-17.94 %) $ 707 Volume (24h)

The NSR price is back up to $0.004000. Judging from the increasing buyback market percentages, the price could go up further in the coming weeks.

I noticed today while purchasing NSR that I’m already thinking in terms of the future denomination, where 10,000 NSR will become 1 NSR; i.e. 1 redenominated NSR cost about $40.00 today. Once the displayed NSR supply switches from 800,000,000 to 80,000, the perceived scarcity will improve significantly I think. One NuShare will finally be worth owning.


I’m really excited for the denomination. What is the currently timeline on that? Maybe after Nu 2.1 and before B&C?


I’m excited for it too. I’m not sure what the planned schedule is on it, but I hope it’s sooner rather than later. Every month we wait will make the eventual switch more difficult to coordinate with exchanges, journalists, and our users.

At some point I imagine we’ll run out of early shareholders looking at the buybacks as an exit. I just wonder when that will be. I had assumed it would be earlier, but every time we buy back NuShares, the price gets pushed back down with more selling. It can’t go on forever though, as there are many shareholders who are more long-term minded about Nu. For example, I myself haven’t sold a single time, even for trading. I just keep collecting more every paycheck I get. I imagine there are a lot of other shareholders who feel the same way as I do about our future.


What is your vision for Nu and accordingly what is your Nushare selling plan?

My vision is more of a shared vision based on all the ideas that have been brought up in this very forum, everything that Nu and B&C have the potential of becoming, multiple pegged currencies, SDR, decentralized online wallets, loaning, anti-spam transactions, etc… Many things however are dependent on Nu becoming larger, more well known and adopted.

Unlike normal cryptos, I have no exit strategy because Nu and B&C are designed as decentralized businesses that bring in revenue. Those in Bitcoin and other cryptos can only profit by selling when the price goes higher. Those in NuShares and BlockShares can potentially profit in the future from dividends without needing to sell their shares. They continue to maintain their partial ownership of the business and collect regular profits as we bring in more and more customers.

Again though, regular profits are dependent on whether shareholders can continue working on expanding Nu to more and more people. Without higher levels of adoption and use, we won’t have the NBT purchases and transaction levels necessary to sustain the business. We’re still in the time period of a new business where the owners need to keep reinvesting any and all profit into improving and expanding that business and making things run more efficiently. True profit and dividends will come later as long as we can all stick with Nu and keep working to better the system.

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