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Nu has higher risk and higher reward, IMO. Nu is more longterm than B&C. That said, the best idea would probably to sell your nsr and buy BKS, then buy nsr with your BKS dividends. I bet a lot of people around here have that plan. I don’t, cause I’m a rebel, but it’s a good plan.


@irritant Yes, we definitely need stable cryptocurrencies in the space, however, it’s safe to assume nubits will trade on B&C. Given that I can only keep switching between those, kind of lefting NuShares without a role? Correct me if I’m wrong please.

@Nagalim Why is Nu more longterm than B&C? What future does it have? What is the potential of Nu? Basically that’s my question. Can some other stuff be developed around Nu? That’s why I dont understand Nu being more longterm

Every NuBit sold is a dollar in shareholders pockets. Imagine growing adoption and the NuBits supply to 1 billion NuBits. That’s a lot of profit for shareholders and it doesn’t even include NuShare market cap. Now consider that Bitcoin has a market cap of over $3 billion and NuBits has a lot more potential due to its price stability and its ability to cater to different markets like Euro and Yuan with more pegs. If Nu succeeds, the profit could be staggering. I’d like to hear @Nagalim’s answer too.


Yah, growing adoption, sure. But in my opinion that’s actually the short term vision of Nu. Volume dependent txn fees are where it’s at. Basically, Nu liquidity fees go down with time while profitability goes up with number of transactions and profit avenues, making it a divergent system. On the other hand, B&C signer fees go up with trade volume, so it is a more convergent system.

Essentially, B&C has the full profit model from day 1 so will make consistent money. Nu, on the other hand, has created a great service that we’re still having trouble taxing users for. The profit for Nu is out there, and we can survive off deflation due to an expanding user base until we figure out how to capture it.


So it all depends and revolves around Nubits? If other rivals provide stable cryptocurrencies too and other additional features can’t Nu fall easily behind?

Edit: There is obviously a market for stable cryptocurrencies so Nubits will get their market share, what I’m saying is it could be significantly less than others if it doesn’t provide additional features or uses? There’s still microtransactions. That’s an unexplored market and stable crypto has an important role there. Do any services use Nubits? Does it have something like a business model? how do people plan on making this bigger? Sorry for so many questions, it’s just that it seems to be some potential here, plus, I love this communty from what I’ve seen, so I would really like to see this from all different angles.

No one can answer your questions because you are striking at the heart. Profit exists, we can all see it. It’s a matter of implementation.

@Sabreiib came up with the idea of using nbt as a spam filter such that people have to pay 1 nbt to send you an email, then you give the nbt back when you mark it as not spam.

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Can you elaborate on this?

Nubits are a loan. If people keep passing around the loan we get to keep the money. If we can make them burn as they get passed around, we have ourselves a business model.

NuBits and NuShares live on the same blockchain. The NuBits network is secured by NuShareholders minting with their shares. They can also use their shares to vote and make decisions about the network. So, while they are both seperate units, I would not see them as seperate.

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I simply mean that as adoption grows and we need to create and sell more NuBits, the proceeds of every sale will either be spent on development or it will go to shareholders in the form of dividends or share buybacks.

And as Nagalim mentioned, if we can increase adoption and the number of transactions, then the transaction fee will eat away at the supply, allowing us to reprint and resell those NuBits again and again.

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Interesting but I don’t understand this - Perhaps we should open another thread to discuss specificallyNu business model?

But every NBT sold is not every NBT in circulation.
I think I should be more accurate using tier terminology, here but…
I believe Nu current way of making money is buying and selling NBTs held in tiers 1 and 2, back and forth for a little profit thanks to a spread. That actually establishes the peg.
Once potentially people have enough confidence in that peg, they would stop selling the NBTs they have bought and we would have just to sell, as you have suggested - one question is when does it happen.


NSR is not displayed on coinmarketcap.com currently.

It seems to vanish when volume is low I think.

Price now at 0.001681USD on http://coinmarketcap.com/

Yah, I blame obama. Seriously though, this dump has no founding and y’all should steer clear. Maybe put some buys around .000075 if you want to be part of the rally. Specifically we need some buy orders on cryptsy

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For which rally? - who is going to clear these orders?

There are no sell orders, look around. There’s like 1.5 BTC keeping the price below 0.002

It’s that cryptsy collapsed to 0.0000002 ($0.000046) with 500 NSR of volume. Somebody should put some buy orders there. My issue is I just hate holding btc.

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In the past two weeks I’ve facilitated multiple private escrow trades for values in excess of 100x the daily on-exchange volume. There is a silent group of shareholders that is consolidating NSR right now off-exchange. Many of us think the potential value of Nu is far beyond its current market valuation.


So I work in a deionization plant that regenerates ion exchange resin, which is basically similar to the stuff you find in Brita filters. The resin looks like sand and filters water, although we work more with industrial companies that use huge tanks filled with the stuff.

Anyway, at my job there are like 2 people out right now, one with immigration issues and the other with a broken foot. I work on 2nd shift though along with one other person, the operator that regenerates the resin and makes it clean again after it has been used. The 2 people that are out on 1st shift have put a lot of pressure on me to make up their work, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t been as active as I should be. Now the other day I just found out the operator I work with on night shift put in his 2 weeks notice. So basically we only have one operator left and everything (plus me) will be forced onto 1st shift until they can find a replacement to train.

Good thing happened though. They asked me to replace him, so I’m getting a promotion and a large pay raise once I complete training. So what’s the point of all this? I’m going to be buying the hell out of NuShares once my pay gets bumped up! :smile: Tom is right that they are incredibly undervalued. I have a feeling that many people aren’t aware of the work we’ve all been doing here. They will find out in time though and I and many others realize this and are stocking up on NuShares.

Unfortunately, this operator job is way more complicated than I thought it would be, but I think I’ll be able to manage with enough practice. It’s basically all about repetition. Once I get the whole process and steps nailed down, it should be simple. And in case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, this is the machine I have to learn how to use… :open_mouth: