[Voting] 200 million NSR grant for ongoing liquidity operations

This custodial grant request is being managed on Daology. The grant content is identical to most liquidity operations grants, to prevent unnecessary controversy.

Custodial Grant Address: SQ6WwWjptz3DJD2a7JMYvXFGoFedw8f4Kr
Custodial Grant Amount: 200000000 (200 million)

It my strategy to end the need for further NSR sales with sales of CN-NBT and US-NBT. The available supply of US-NBT is now a small fraction of what it once was. As it gets closer to zero, the probability of a reversal in the total demand for our currency is increases. NSR sales will stop when the required reserve is on hand. Reserves can be filled with currency sales or NuShare sales. Let’s resolve to fill reserves with currency sales.

Is that the beginning of the next NSR buyback cycle?

We are going to need additional NSR before this passes, if for no other reason than to facilitate the B&C NSR purchase I announced recently. We only have about 20 million on hand.

My expectation is this grant will pass in about a week. We need additional NSR now. To fill the need, I will loan my own bonus grant funds in the amount of 110 million NSR to liquidity operations for the week it is needed. The loan will be made by transferring 110 million NSR from the bonus address (SNf4uyshit1fj8dWKVxHsKTgTrNR61RskY) to this grant address, SQ6WwWjptz3DJD2a7JMYvXFGoFedw8f4Kr. Once this grant is passed, the loan will be paid back to the bonus pool (SNf4uyshit1fj8dWKVxHsKTgTrNR61RskY) by transferring 110 million NSR from SQ6WwWjptz3DJD2a7JMYvXFGoFedw8f4Kr to the bonus pool custodial grant address. It will then be disbursed as a bonus to me.

This is a simple and straightforward plan for accommodating the short term need liquidity operations has for NSR.

Do you still stick by that?