[Passed] Performance Bonuses for Peg Restoration

Some of us have been trying to shake this place out of the coma for a loooong time. @MaVo

Don’t stop. The shiity dream is almost over. Wake up and join peerassets. Your talent won’t be abused.


Hey, hot bird!
Do the millions of NSR you plan to hand out as presents push the NSR rate further down?
Who could have imagined that?

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Hey @Phoenix, do you think Tony’s 4-5 posts in support of you are worth more in NuShares than the months of research and effort I put into writing this history for Nu?


Where’s my NuShare reward at, or for that matter the reward for everyone else who put in loads of time over the last 2 years and got nothing for it in the end?



Congratulations, this has passed.

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Everyone who was assigned a bonus allocation, please post your receiving NSR address here so I can send your NuShares. As detailed here, I am loaning my own bonus allocation to liquidity operations until the 200 million NSR grant is passed.


NSR address:






Those nushares if the motion to grant them has passed are not unwanted.

Here is my NSR address: Sg3FbvZGrpF3zbiqUnsWKFMq7Bo7WBaBnX

Everyone except myself and @serfer have been paid their bonus. Thanks to everyone for their important contributions. @serfer has not been paid yet because he has not communicated a receiving NSR address to me yet.

My own bonus of 110 million NSR was lent to liquidity operations until the latest grant of 200 million for liquidity operations came through. That was just received, so the loan has been paid back to the bonus pool as required here.

With NSR sales completed in the last hour and this loan pay back, less than 70 million NSR remain under liquidity operations control. This suggests I will probably need to loan my 110 million NSR bonus to liquidity operations until yet another custodial grant is completed. I will say more about this in a separate thread for the new grant soon.


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He took the initiative to steal 1,000 of my BKS off Nulagoon. :wink:

Yes, I had around that much for sale on there and tried to withdraw it back to my BKS address. The transaction did not go through and shortly after all the funds on Nulagoon were removed and Henry vanished.

If the funds haven’t moved from the exchange address, it may be possible to recover them if you collect enough information and convince B&C Exchange. Unrelated, but it’s strange that all BTC were kept available at NuLagoon Tube, which we withdrew.

Can’t just @Phoenix issue a blackballing of addresses and initiate an emergency upgrade?
At least BKS aren’t traded on exchanges, so that part doesn’t get messed up.
Or is that only possible, if he loses funds?

That’s interesting.
I could offer an explanation, but that’d only be speculation and you’d break down my conclusions without a doubt.