Voice objections where actions against NuLaw occur

  1. Motions dictate how Nu functions.
  2. Humans interpret effective NuLaw.
  3. Action is taken to follow mandate.

We need thinkers and executors.

In my areas of responsibility as executor I admit to lacking complete understanding of applicable NuLaw. I ask for guidance when uncertain in the hopes that those who know better will speak up and preferably point to why that applies.


Nu is rapidly evolving. NuLaw is not systematically made and has many inconsistencies. Even the White Paper has many literal contradictions with adopted practices. That is unavoidable. Not to say JordanLee won’t hesitate torpedoing your precious laws with a “highest priority” motion. Let’s not have the “firing” post leave an over-litigating air in this innovative endeavor and its vibrant community.