USD collapse in Sept this year, possibly

If it happens, what does it mean for NBT?

Well, BTC may go up quickly from that moment.
Thus, it could endanger the peg if we do not have hedging instruments or if we do not increase the spread.
However we could speculate that the adaptive spread adjustment function would have been implemented beforehand into NuBot.

Also, it could cause shareholders to change the peg from USD to a basket of currencies because USD would be re-evaluated down to 50% to its current price.

I believe we should plan from now on to get prepared for this possibilitty

We had this discussion in other threads, when US$ dollar disaster strikes NBT would be in trouble when extensively being hedged against BTC. So the best plan against that is to have liquidity against fiat (mostly USD).

Jumping from an USD peg to another peg creates some marketing challenges. I can’t buy a bread or coffee any where in the world for something equivalent of a basket of currencies. Even if USD halves in value, I think it is better to keep NBT pegged to the USD as it would stay an important denominator for a while anyway.

Preparing for a new coin (NuWorldBits?) based on a basket of currencies is something to consider, but the timing will be difficult. Now is too early, it would be seen as just another currency and won’t barely be able to compete with Bitcoin, but when dollar tumbles it is likely too late, no one really knows when that happens though.

So what kind of plan are you thinking of?


Nothing concrete at this stage unfortunately.
It is just that I think it is important to get prepared.
As Christine Lagarde the managing director of the IMF says, failing to plan is planning to fail.

As you suggested, I think the best to get prepared is to increase the liquidity provision against FIAT pairs.
I do not think either that having the US dollar halved in value is a problem per se.

USD down, NBT down, sure, but NSR up. When USD inflation strikes, we simply inflate our NBT with our much higher USD valued marketcap.

USD collapse is the wrong question. The question sould be: what is the majority of the world transacting with? Peg to that.

Sharegolders can do almost anything they need to with this network. It doesn’t matter what the value of NBT is, it only matters if it’s maintaining it’s peg to the worlds most used currency.


This is relevant to this topic:


Absolutely. And this post ( Prediction: NuBits will get off the ground around the end of September 2015, when the financial and monetary crisis freezes the banking system) in the more esoteric realm.


It’s funny that you point to that particular blog (which includes references to David Wilcock) at the same time I was watching this video:

Former Rosendale resident David Wilcock, who went on to become a NY
Times bestselling author, discusses new information revealing a blockade
of our solar system by “Blue Avian” space aliens related to Thoth.

Coincidence? Yeah right, keep saying it to yourself :D.

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Wo. I think it is rather a synchronicity :smile:
I am actually well aware of DW’s works and I think his research is very convincing.


Just came across upon this today - Bitcoiner and libertarian investor Jeff Berwick thinks Money (USD and other western fiat currencies) will crash badly this coming september 2015 (just because of the Shemitah). He will be off the grid and not on the US ground during this period.

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