Update - new posts no longer shown as number in browser tab

Until a recent update (of the forum software?) new topics/posts were shown in the discuss.nubits.com tab in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Now I wonder whether it was an update of Firefox or an update of the forum software that changed this behaviour.
I just recognized that it’s different.

It was very convenient to recognize new posts by seeing the number of new posts in the browser tab.
Did anybody else recognize this change?
For reference: I’m running 41.0b9 on Windows7

I was using IE (and now Edge with Windows 10) and this featured worked until recently. It stopped though. I like to open threads in new tabs and keep the existing one open so I can see that number pop up if there are new posts.

It was probably from a recent forum update. The discourse developers change things very rapidly, and they often move back and forth on implementations of features. Unfortunately this is not one of the things I can immediately see an option to change.