Update iOS immediately! (serious security vulnerabilities)

Serious security vulnerabilities in iOS discovered. Update to 9.3.5 as soon as possible.

Impact: An application may be able to disclose kernel memory
Impact: An application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges
Impact: Visiting a maliciously crafted website may lead to arbitrary code execution


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Is this the jailbreak app?

I am going to compile bcexchanged on jailbroken iphone, so 9.3.3 is just I need. Compiler g++
and lib/header file already stored in iPhone. The next step is makefile.iOS

Any company can provide intel i5 @2.0Ghz performance in my pocket(phone)? Only Apple can do it, all other companies, Intel,AMD.Sumsung, google, nvidia are rubbish hardware providers.

Intel i5 on phone will burn my pants, Raspberry Pi performance is 1/5-1/10 of iphone7.

How to combine the best software(unix,linux,freeBSD) and best hardware(apple)? Only Jailbroken idevice.

NSO’s Pegasus. But I don’t believe we are deserved to be spied by goverments, and I’ve changed the root passwd on iphone.