Upcoming NBT Exchange - Liquidity providers needed [HitBTC added us]

Sometime next week another large exchange will likely announce they are adding NuBits trading with a NBT/BTC pair. They’ve asked me to hold off announcing until they’re ready to go. However, it’s important that we start planning for their inclusion. I’ve privately asked @desrever and @woolly_sammoth to add NuBot support for them soon, and the current liquidity pools should give some thought as to whether they would like to add another NBT pair to their operations.

This new exchange is usually below Poloniex but above Bittrex and Cryptsy in the global exchange volume rankings so they have a considerable presence already. They also have active well-traded fiat markets, meaning that a NBT/USD trading pair could become a reality in the future.

Interested liquidity pools should consider the opportunity and have a draft motion prepared if they would like to compete for the NBT/BTC trading pair. If a pool operator needs any additional information, please send me a PM.


Besides a new pool I wouldn’t mind seeing Nupool or Nulagoon to expand their service to an additional exchange.

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Or both. NuLagoon is the only pool that’s able to dance on top of ALP’s freely.


I’m keen to hear the responses… there’s still SouthX in the pipeline… damn.

i am waiting for the bot :slight_smile:
personally, i would like to see kraken supporting NBT


If you are referring to the universal ALP bot collection, I can ensure you that I intend to keep it up-to-date;)

i am sure about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll start tinkering with it next week, I hope to have it finished before 0.3.2 release so I can pack it together with it.

I just wanted to post a reminder here that I had captured NuStream.org for anyone that would like to claim that name and start up their own pool. Just let me know whenever anyone is interested in taking it.


should we have a gateway with ripple network, there can be USD, CNY, JPY ,BTC and more.

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only user of rippletrade.com request verify the ID

any progress about it? can we have exchange’s name in order to perform preparations? :wink:

HitBTC i guess.

account created :stuck_out_tongue:

If you guess right, it could be very interesting for ALP pool operators (obviously for NuLagoon as well): https://hitbtc.com/mm
They can provide liquidity there without need for using own funds :wink:

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That’s some interesting stuff. MLP’s can definitely take advantage of that. ALP operators may be able to work out a deal to get some extra server funding.

According to HitBTC

We add a new coin to the exchange if two persons take MM contracts to support this coin on our exchange. One contract is valid only for one currency pair,

So…we could add NBT now…if the community is willing to do this? I’m willing to sign up to be a MM right now then…

As long as we can get the bot working to make the spread job easy.


I’m not super keen on becoming an ALP operator, but if that’s what can get NBT listed there, I’m willing to consider preparing a draft for an ALP there.
The thing is: as far as I understand the ALP operation, only one ALP server can be on an exchange.
Is that right?
If yes, we’d need NuLagoon there as well and I’d prefer giving @nmei precedence for the ALP.

I’m pretty sure an MM contract has to come from an MLP. They want to be able to verify your orders on your account are within a certain spread 90% of the time.

This wouldn’t need to be NuLagoon, anyone willing to run nubot could use this. Nu doesn’t like to grant single person pools, but if you’re getting an MM deal and can therefore give a huge discount to Nu (like 0.1%/day?) then I don’t think shareholders will turn it down, especially if it means being listed on a new exchange.