Unknown tier?

Just noticed that client suddenly shows an unknown tier. Can this be confirmed by others and is this expected behaviour due to the protocol change? Or just a problem with my client?


Iā€™m seeing this since updating to the 2.0 client.
Saw this on testnet as well.

This is the expected behavior until the protocol switches to 2.0 and the tier information is propagated by the custodians through the network.


What is exactly a switch?
Is there someone that actually modify the value of a register somewhere on 25AUG?

This date is hard coded into the 2.0 release. The first block that matches these 2 creteria will activate protocol 2.0:

  • its date is after the switch date

  • 90% of its 2000 parent blocks were created by a 2.0+ client


Can we please get the client to autoremove tiers with 0 buy and sell side? It makes it so messy.

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