Unconfirmed / Orphaned Blocks

hey just wondering if there might be a reason the majority of blocks my nu wallet seems to get never confirm. I think everything’s setup as it should be but the remain greyed out.

Try a forum search of orphan you can see past discussion llike this.

Thanks @mhps I did try a search but couldn’t find anything that really answered my question. I didn’t find that post you sent. I am however only minting on one machine with one wallet

Is your block height correct? How many connections do you have?

are you using a Raspberry Pi B ? How many ms does it take to flush the wallet shown in debug.log?

@Nagalim i’m at block 667768 with 8 connections.

@mhps I’m not on the Pi anymore. When Nu went to version 2 I never got round to getting it back on the Pi so at the moment it’s on my Mac.

yeah that’s the last 8 blocks orphaned. Is that normal?

For me 10-15% orphan rate of all blocks I find is normal.

Check your log files.

excuse my ignorance but do you mean the dubug.log file? If so I’ve just turned Nu on and got a flushed wallet time of 21ms then i’ve got a load of lines of “accepted liquidity info from …”.

Presumably that’s ok?

That is OK. You are using the latest official release I suppose.
I guess your network connection or ISP might be too slow. Or you happen to be surounded by bad nodes?

Don’t be afraid to look at debug.log. Go to the end of it and search “new block” backward. That is when your client founds a new block the last time. Read more lines below it, in less than ~50 lines you might see reorganization that orphaned your block from the main chain. If see anything suspicious post it here.

@mhps Thanks, actually between my last post and now I got a good block. Just seems to be an awful lot of orphans but perhaps things are running just fine.

I’d like to get it back on the pi but I’ve got the old one which I think isn’t really good enough to have version 2 running is that correct?

What’s the best “always on” solution people have found?

Which old one? model B is good enough for 1 million shares or even two. More than that you need B+ or better model 2. However the new nud that is c omming out is ssupposed to be much easy on resources so maybe for now you can get the old pi minting 1m nsr and see if it also gets lot of orphans.

@mhps yeah the model B is what I have but it crashed a lot on v1 when downloading the blockchain. Perhaps I’ll just wait until the new NUD comes out and upgrade the Pi. They’re so cheap anyway they’re kind of fun to have :slight_smile:

There is a growing trend of orphaned block ( https://blockexplorer.nu/charts/orphan ) and a sustained very low difficulty. It may or may not be related but it is a concern to me.
Hope one of the developers or testers (e.g. @sigmike @coingame) can comment on the reasons for the high number of orphans lately.

yeah I’m still getting a heap of orphaned blocks :frowning: Sometimes get a couple in a row though - Then i get a wee smile but the orphans way out way the confirmed