Tom's Weekend Contest 4 - November 29-30, 2014

Each weekend I’m going to do a 5.00 NBT contest using data from our analytics. This weekend however is a 10.00 NBT contest because there was no winner last week!

This week’s question:

After the main page, what is the second most popular page on the website? Provide your answer in the form of a URL to be eligible to win.

In the event of multiple entries with the correct answer, I will ask a tie-breaking question.

As always, contest closes whenever I decide on Monday.

ANSWER: is the second-most popular page since release day.

Fun fact: has been second-most popular for the past month.

It looks like we don’t have a winner yet again. This means that next week will be a 15.00 NBT contest. It may or may not be a slightly different format for one week only - keep your eyes on our forum to find out!

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It is for me anyway :wink:

@GreatScott is quite close, but I bet it’s

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As there are no more unique candidate url’s left in my opinion, I’m also going for

Contest is now closed.

i was very close :stuck_out_tongue:
well that shows that people now want to buy nushares :wink: