Tom's Weekend Contest 2 - November 15-16, 2014

Each weekend I’m going to do a small little 5.00 NBT contest using data from our analytics.

This week’s question has two parts:

There are four primary methods of user acquisition onto the site:

  1. Direct (a direct link to a page on our website)
  2. Organic Search (typing something in a search engine)
  3. Referral (from outside sites like or an exchange)
  4. Social (from outside social media sites like reddit or twitter)

Q1: Which of the four methods delivered us the highest amount of visitors for the period of November 1st to November 15th?

Q2: What was the relative whole-number percentage, from 1% to 99%, that the highest method delivered? The four methods combined equal 100%.

Everyone who guesses Q1 correctly is eligible to win. The winner will be the entrant with the closest whole-number percentage guess for Q2.

As always, contest closes whenever I decide on Monday.

The correct answer is 3. Referral, with 36% of acquisitions. This means that @willy wins (with a guess of Referral and 39%). Congrats! PM me your NBT address and I will arrange for payment to be made to you.

For those interested, here are the complete acquisition breakdowns:

  1. Direct - 19.9%
  2. Organic Search - 16.2%
  3. Referral - 36.4%
  4. Social - 27.4%

#1 - 3
#2 - 39%

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  1. 1
  2. 89%
  1. 3

  2. 70%


1 - 4
2- 40%

Q1: Social (4)
Q2: 41%

Q1: Social (4)
Q2: 32%


Q1: Social 4
Q2: 36%


Q1: 3
Q2: 53.107%
…and for those who don’t spot it immediately: if you take the integer part and the fractional part this is a Cunningham chain of the first kind with a length of 2! I couldn’t resist :wink:

Contest is now closed, winner has been declared in the main post. Thank you all for playing!

How funny, the very first post was the closest guess! That’s pretty unusual.

Congratulations to Willy. Enjoy those NBT!

Wow. Thank you!!!