Tom's Week-long Contest 5 - Dec 7, 2014

Each weekend I’m going to do a 5.00 NBT contest using data from our analytics. This week’s contest however is a 15.00 NBT contest because there was no winner the past two weeks, and it will have a slightly different format.

This week’s question challenge:

Our analytics show what links users follow to access our website, and how many of those users are “new users”.

This week’s challenge is simple: create a topic, post, or reply in Reddit that delivers the most new users to for the time period of December 7-12, 2014. You will obviously need to write the link down in your Reddit submission for people to click on.

You can post in any subreddit, bribe people with tip-bots, and generally use whatever strategies you like to win. To prevent vote abuse, “new users” will be the metric used to determine the winner.

TO ENTER: Post a link to your Reddit submission here.

The contest will close Friday evening, and winners announced before next Saturday’s return to the weekend analytics contest.

Have fun!


Although I planned to skip this contest, I decided to start at least one lazy attempt with this post :wink:

Looks like this contest wasn’t as popular as I thought it might be. @masterOfDisaster you’ve won by default! PM me a NBT address for your 15.00 NBT.

I can only have won, if I brought new users here with that post!
If I have, I’ll post a NBT address.
If I haven’t, we’ll have a 20 NBT jackpot for the next weekend :wink:

According to the analytics you brought a few new users to the forum, so you definitely qualify!

This victory comes with a stale aftertaste.
Here’s my NBT address:
I’ll use the prize money for reddit tipping as I feel the urge to do something good for Nu with it.

I’ve asked for the funds to be sent, you should be receiving them shortly. Congrats again, and thanks for putting those NBT to good use with tipping.

Got it. Thank you!