Things are calming down a bit


  • NSR trade vol over the last 24h: 3k usd

  • NBT trade vol over the last 24h: 90k usd

On the surface, it looks like that, but we only need a little fly to trigger the next storm…

Main question is whether it takes us in the right direction or sets us back.

better to do things gradually instead of creating a buzz of course.
as a trader has alluded to here, nu is doing things relatively silently but surely, imho.

So when bitcoin is stable, the demand for nubits decreases, so the revenues of Nu decrease.
That is not a good thing.
Nu needs definitively another use case in order to maintain revenues.
Remittance should be the next use case, imho.

Of course, a stable price situation for bitcoin cannot last long so Nu should get back a higher trade volume soon but I am not sure if people would hedge when the volatility of bitcoin is positive, meaning when we are in an uptrend for bitcoin.

Your thoughts?

Nu does not have any other application so far, beside hedge against BTC. When this changes Nu will not depend so much on BTC volatility.


I’ve been thinking about this space for some time, and I recently discovered that NuBits is a perfect tool for this

Remittance is something i’m passionate about at the moment…
Today I have a meeting that i’ll be using both words in the same sentence! In the mean time i’m going to buy me some more Nushare. :sunglasses:


The promise of NuBits (or the objective as a business or DAC) is for people to be able to trade and transact in a stable crypto currency, instead of using the fiat USD, because of obvious cut cost - So far, it has been used, but as a hedging tool for crypto traders.

  1. At which point in the growth plan can we have the green light to start building an ecommerce, accepting NuBits as Currency of the Web?
  2. At wchich point in the growth plan can we think about and design a remittance service using NuBits as Currency of the Web?
  3. At which point in the growth plan can we start building a merchant processing service, using NuBits as Currency of the Web?
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