They want to build the *first* crypto-bank in the universe

Kraken’s participation gives it a decent degree of seriousness. It is definitely worth investigating.

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The fact that there is a Litecoin logo up there and the fact they are looking for partners, makes me reflect that we might fit into the boat somehow .

You offer any kind of cryptocurrency service or product and want to make this service to be deeply integrated in our cryptocurrency bank initiative? Then contact us and tell us as much as possible about your service. Please also note the checklist for prospective service partners.

This is big!

Interesting, but without cryptocurrencies being regulated seems a bit premature.
However I believe that NuBits would be an ideal partner for such a project, more than any other volatile crypto.

They could also consider Peercoin as the standard currency for savings accounts :wink:

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Pure-Central Facilitates Peer-to-Peer Crypto Lending

If the borrower outright defaults, Pure-Central claims that they’ll sell
the loan to a debt collection agency in the region where the borrower
resides. Presumably they reimburse the lender with the proceeds of the
loan sale.

I received a message from James at Pure-Central on January 7th saying they would implement NuBits. I sent them the NuBits logo and we’re waiting to see it go live.

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Lets see if kraken will also implement Nubits in their exchange :wink:

Unlikely. Kraken takes a long time to review source code of new coins.