The mods are out of control

Mods are deleting discussion, censoring, threatening bans, and suspending folks. People need to know. I fully expect this thread to be deleted and me to be banned eventually, but here goes.

maybe the whole forum should be suspended for a while, so people can cool down, and see what else there still is in the world

Then that’s because you lack reading comprehension. @Cybnate completely locked a thread to prevent further discussion. I reopened the thread and expressed we aren’t going to have a Nazi focused discussion. There’s enough arm-chair economists running around here yelling at each other and we’re not going let their inner arm-chair historian join the mix to pow-wow about Nazis. That is where the discussion was headed and I agreed with @Cybnate that it’s not a direction that will lead anywhere productive. Though, rather than completely shut down the thread I gave an opportunity for the discussion to steer away. People chose not to take that offer and have been suspended for a few hours until that thread heads in a different direction.

Nobody has said anything about giving out suspensions for telling the mods they’re stupid. A topic was closed, and then opened back up while asking participants to lead the conversation in a different direction or actions would be taken to prevent that discussion from progressing. That is it. It was very clear what the violation is and what the consequences would be.

Everyone should already know what is happening because I literally said exactly what would happen. There’s no censorship of what happened.

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Write whatever history you want. I think what happened today is despicable.

Then tell everyone what your version of what happened is.

People were discussing matters relating to property and morals, very very important for a decentralized cryptocurrency organization. These discussions were censored, bans were threatened, and suspensions issued.

You have the power to ban me. The power dynamic between you and I in this discussion is not anywhere near equal and I don’t feel free to express myself. You’re daring me to say things that you’ll then ban me for.

Hell, you’ve got a big ol shield next to your name and the word “Leader” for fucks sake.

I ve just become aware of the moderation episode. I cannot say anything because i did not follow but please calm down. Please be zen.

I know of a place on the interwebs where they sell the best medicine to become zen, unfortunately nubits is not accepted there yet

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There are people literally telling the architect of the project to go fuck himself on a daily basis who are roaming around on here freely without a care in the world. I asked for a very specific discussion not to progress, warned everyone of the consequences for violating that request, and then acted on those specific people who chose to violate it (while they even acknowledged that they’re violating it in their very own post).

Now you believe the sky is falling and mods are trying to shutdown any discussion, criticisms and going on a tear of censorship so bad you’re afraid to say anything… I think you’re overreacting. You’re free to tell your version of the story as you please. I’m done with it.


I told my story. I’m done with it too.

“can of worms”

I can’t let this go. This is such a messed up mentality. What makes the lead architect any higher than any of the rest of us? When you say “without a care in the world” do you mean other than the millions of dollars lost in the crash? Where is this lead architect now? Sybil attacking the forum, ‘without a care in the world’.

He’s not. That’s exactly my point. I’m not going to obstruct harsh criticisms of him because I don’t think he’s above other people in the community. However I suggest you go spend some time in other crypto-community forums and see how open they are to criticisms. Especially towards the development teams.

My point is that we’re pretty liberal here when it come to moderation to the contrary of your statement in the OP. You’ve taken one pea sized example then wrapped it in seven layers of hyperbole, deep fried it in heavily biased perspective, and now you’re standing on the corner handing it out for free to anyone willing to take a bite.

And still nobody has warned you not to do that or supplied any consequences for being so disingenuous.


If you banned me here, it would be the end of Nu (which really only has the activity on this forum at this point) and you know that. Yes, I’m glad you’re not theymos. Bully for you.

Why are you so combative about everything?

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c’mon. no mod threatened to ban you.

so CoinGame can;t win. Popcorn off.


Actually forget it. I don’t care why. It’s the weekend. Chill out, relax, and grab a beer. Enjoy it. Peace.


Most people here in this forum are fucking lemmings.

I advise everyone to keep calling that fucking idiot a fucking idiot on an hourly basis. Someone exploiting his own community should be told to fuck himself. Pretty simple. And everyone crying like a pussy “it has not been proven that he did what you think he did” is a fucking lemming.

At first sight: I have no legal issue (ethics is another problem) with mods suspending or whatever cleaning out the forum, if that’s their power and the rules of the game agreed upon , for lack of having a better system.
Yes, threads and debate are not executed and enforced on a blockchain, yet.

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a solution could be something like this:
(first post quoted below)

I know their security cert is expired, but the idea of it is a mirror forum where everything gets stored, even the deleted posts.

I’ve spent most of my free time since when i woke up with the news spreading of the closure of MtGox on a project for an alternative forum. So, here it is.

The goal is to decentralize the Bitcointalk community by providing alternative means to access and post with the same group of people. The community you interact with is still the same, the difference is the forum software.

[B] is synched in real time with[/B], thanks for a set of web crawlers that i wrote. By simply sending a PM to a user, you can verify your identity and link your account with the one. You will then be able to read the Bitcointalk community from
Moreover, if you decide to make the jump and install a browser extension( (open source ; it’s needed to bypass the same origin policy of your browser), you will be able to post on; the extension will take care of [B]posting the same exact message on[/B]. uses a recent forum software, namely XenForo, so you will have a faster navigation experience and more features. In other words, a completely renovated forum.

Every kind of feedback is welcome. Thank you for your time.


(Yes, obviously this thread was posted from ;))


That is not a viable option for everyone; there is not much out there still left for the people. Nor will those who have invested their energy be told to buzz-off.

In an age where technology allows anonymity, people can come back again and again under different pseudonyms. It’s not, from a forum administration point of view, possible to restrict certain individuals from joining w/o blocking everyone. What is possible as Nagalim mentioned is they delete your account and your writing. What a shameful act! I think only morally bankrupt individuals would stoop to this level because they feel they need to use dirty tricks.

IMO, the only best way to address problems is to actually have meaningful, intellectually honest discussions. Citing the individuals who bring these thoughts to our attention as anything other than though-full and useful members of our community is not going to help.

Given the combination of 1) impossibility of total banishment and 2) the legitimate issues raised, i think a sensible course of action should be clear…

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