The future of multisig groups

I don’t want to get too distracted from the important tasks that lay immediately before us (like focusing on good exchange support), but I do feel a quick note about where I will be steering multisig groups in the future would be helpful, especially in the context of the understandable frustration about the concentration of power in my own hands.

Our problem was that the individuals in multisig groups did not follow our own internal regulations created by shareholders. So, the important question is: what kind of person will faithfully follow shareholder regulations as expressed in passed motions and contracts associated with custodial grants? The need to have large amounts of money handled in accordance with a system of regulations is by no means a new and experimental challenge. It is performed with high reliability every day in every nation around the world in the context of businesses large and small.

Nu and B&C need to hire people who make it their profession to handle money in accordance with legally enforceable edicts. The executors of wills and of estates are good examples of people who make it their profession to handle money according to rules laid out in advance. There are a wide range of professionals who perform this kind of service. We have a lot of options to examine once we grow enough to afford this kind of thing. When we can afford it, I will advocate shareholders appoint people spread throughout the world in different jurisdictions to handle funds held in multisig addresses.

In this way, we will ensure what happened in June will never happen again. First, however, we must grow to where this is affordable. In the interim, I am an actor that has amply demonstrated a strict obedience to shareholder directives.

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As you are it will be a pleasure for you to answer these questions.

What motion empowers you to do that?

And what motion empowered you to do that:

What development is to be paid with the BTC?

I’ve repeatedly been asking that since early November.
Here’s the first post with these questions.

I spare you the listing of all follow-ups.

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No giving a plausible answer to my questions while claiming that you have

doesn’t make you look good.