The Awesome Foundation

Having our NuBits giveaway thread almost coming to an end (don’t forget to Like the best ones here: NuBits giveaway thread) I like to explore other options to have some fun and awesomeness within the NuBits community. We do have a Lounge for a reason after all :wink:

I like to put the idea out there for:

The Awesome Foundation.

The awesome foundation would be funded by the community or with a grant funded by the Shareholders. It is loosely based on this website: This is already at work in many communities. My translation is to have a 1000 NBT fund where people can apply for say the next 3 months after the start of the fund.

You only need to provide photos or other evidence to be eligible for the grant. It needs to be something awesome though. It can be awesome art, an awesome idea, an awesome joke or an awesome gift you made. The thing is that it must be something awesome and existing, not something you would only do after receiving the 1000 NBT. The idea is that it will inspire many people to do something awesome and the best awesome thing in the eyes of the community will be rewarded the grant.

Keen to hear what you think whether it would work in a crypto community as ours and whether this should be funded as a custodial grant or from community contributions. Community contributions may come from e.g. shareholders receiving dividends or other interested supporting some awesomeness. And we need to think about a good voting system which is accessible for all members of this community.

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