Statement after receiving multiple baseless accusations for months

I feel compelled to write this post after receiving multiple harassments from some nubits holders, being the object of defamatory statements and slanders over the past few months… Some nubits holders even believe I am the creator of Nu (NuBits and NuShares).
That is ridiculous, unacceptable, unlawful, harmful to my image (including my brother’s image) and needs to stop immediately.

I am fed up with that masquerade.

Therefore I feel compelled to explain my take on the current official team.

I as Pascal Hideki Hamonic (aka cryptog), was a non-paid active public community member and shareholder, and I stopped my free contributions in June 2018.

My contributions to Nu:

Basically my main contributions were back in 2016.
But I had been watching the forum almost every day until leaving the forum in June 2018 because I really believed Nu could be something great.
However I realized the project had no real management, no communication from the liquidity team and got compromised with too much centralization at the end. That is why I decided to leave the forum.

From my currently understanding, the official team is listed below:

Phoenix (
Esko Esko (
Woolly_Sammoth ( (New full time developer for Liquidity Operations: @woolly_sammoth)
Mike (
Cybnate (

My handle is cryptog:
My linkedin profile is:

I am the only few besides Esko, apparently to have been a public community member though there were also other public members like or ( (past contractor)

I have done several video interviews, one with my brother Julien, in the past for free for Nu (NuBits and NuShares) as an enthusiastic shareholder in 2016.
I did one presentation to a Japanese audience in 2016.

For free, I had been trying to do some evangelism for Japan since 2014, until recently.

Some information on the current paid team as far as I know and that is public, after doing some research.

Phoenix: Biggest shareholder most probably, controls the network most probably, paid contributor. Anonymous. Most probably the same guy as Jordan Lee ( who created the network

Esko: responsible for world-wide marketing, liquidity operations (means maintaining buy and side walls) and business development → (semi public ?) I believe he is still actively maintaining the liquidity at Bittrex.
Woolly_Sammoth: developer of and deals with liquidity operations (means maintaining buy and side walls) I believe (public) I believe he is not involved anymore with liquidity.
Sigmike (Mike): Main developer of the Nu client (NuBits/NuShares) → (public)
Cybnate: responsible of the NuDroid development (anonymous)

This is pretty much all I know about the current team after doing some research on the Internet and given the information that I got over years of watching the forum.
I have never communicated with any community members via other means than emails, forum and chat rooms.
Nu is supposed to be a decentralized autonomous organization so there is no company owning the source code or the intellectual properties, it seems, as far as I know.
However liquidity is handled at exchanges (
And liquidity is the most important aspect of the system.
So some individuals control the buy and sell walls at Bittrex and I believe it is only Esko now although it seems that Woolly_Sammoth used to be involved with this work too.
If people want to know more about who handles the liquidity, they need to ask Bittrex I believe.

Tks for your understanding.


Thanks for posting this information. I have backed your post up and will recirculate it if it is deleted/redacted here.

In your opinion, would restoring the peg at this point be achievable if those named above acted toward that interest? i.e., the overarching reason the peg has remained so badly broken for so long this time is because of wilful negligence on the part of those people entrusted to maintain it?


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