New full time developer for Liquidity Operations: @woolly_sammoth

@woolly_sammoth has worked for Nu since 2014 as a part time contractor. He has stuck with us through thick and thin. He has a deep knowledge of our history, organization and much of the software we rely on. We know we can trust him, and he already has great working relationships with the team. He has been the principle developer for NuBot for a couple of years now, the application responsible for maintaining our peg on exchanges. He is currently developing a block explorer for us, as well as software to automate the key financial calculations in Liquidity Operations and the regular NSR sales and buybacks.

What is changing is that he is quitting his full time position as a software developer lead to focus his full time efforts on Liquidity Operations development. His automation will free up Esko to do more important work and make a wide variety of real time data regarding liquidity and our network accessible and understandable.

He will begin focusing full time efforts on Nu on December 4, 2017.

Please welcome this already established team member in his new full time role as a Senior Software Developer in Liquidity Operations.

Very soon I will have more to say about expanding development and marketing efforts. Stay tuned! This will hopefully be the first of several new full time contractors.


I keep telling @woolly_sammoth how excited I am about the potential of this team. He is highly competent and experienced, with many characteristics I would be looking for in a team member had he not already been found. We work together well, and have many ideas for future development!


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Great to hear this.

@woolly_sammoth seems like he’s a skilled and level headed guy who’s both positive & forward thinking, while also being open to thinking critically about how to improve things that need to change.

Looking forward to seeing @woolly_sammoth’s work going forward, and also looking forward to seeing new team members coming on board.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone.
I’m really looking forward to being able to devote all my time to Nu. There are countless small projects which could have helped Nu achieve its full potential over the last few years. To be able to actually develop them to fruition is a fantastic opportunity. There are several automation tasks which will make Nu more streamlined and transparent. I also have some ideas for uses of our stable tokens outside of hedging. Hopefully, with the full focus of dedicated developer, marketing, accounting teams we can allow Nu to reach its full potential. I would hope that this can incorporate some of the great ideas that have been made and discussed on this forum. It’s only through having the decorated resource available that these ideas will become reality.
As Phoenix said, I am due to start full time for Nu at the beginning of December. Between now and then I have a few fairly sizable projects left to finish off for my current employer. If I’m quiet it’s because I’m devoting my time to that to ensure as clean a transition as possible.
Here’s to the next stage for Nu!


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