StabL Bringing Stable Tokens and Derivative Products to the Ethereum Blockchain

Any thoughts on that ?

They have done their homework I believe:

"A complex financial system based on free market efficiencies is very scalable and
efficient at large scale but very weak at low scale:
Recovery from a brutal event can be very difficult.It is weak against speculative attacks.
The general idea is that kickstarting a complex financial ecosystem which
reliability needs a lot of actors and high volume traded between these actors is almost impossible.

We think it is possible to start with more simple systems that are robust at low scale, and even if the financial
products have limited liquidity, fungibility or life duration properties they remain interesting and benefit from new properties thanks to blockchain technology. Their properties can improve along with volume
attracted on these products. That way, we can remain robust at every stage and find a path to more scalable products without having to make an (unlinkely) all or (likely) nothing bet."

Excerpt from link above.

They will still have to sell the contracts/futures and the question is whether there is a profitable market for that.
They have the advantage of blockchain contracts from an existing ecosystem. It will be an interesting experiment to follow for sure.

I feel it is similar to bitshares and bitusd in which you take a long or short position betting on bitshare price…