Stability, governance and application

As @CoinGame said,

Currency should relative stable and a currency issuing DAC must be self-governing well, that’s what “autonomy” means. I agree that Nu/B&C are better than BTC in stability and autonomy while BTC is still struggling in and will probably fail for those.

However, application is the most important, why should people use NBT? Without application, stability and autonomy are meaningless.

Lottery? P2P finance? Not bad, but I don’t believe they are something big. My wild brainstorm is: Let cryptos change TCP/IP HTTP for ever. It is said that there are some codes about transaction/finance in HTTP protocol since 20 years ago, but seldom used.

This is the best of times, this is the worst of times. People are overflowed by information. Email, twitter message etc… We are becoming slaves of information, those incoming cheap infromartion make us worn and those outgoing information make us transparent. They know almost everything about us: our shoping items, favorate, our phone numbers, family addresses, family photos, credit card informations, our health information.

Especailly, the smartphones are spies among us, phones collect even more private information from us, and the upcoming “internet of things” will collect even more information of our belongs. I can imagine those internet companies(facebook,apple, google, taobao) are as proud as peacock for so-called “Big Data Time”.

Big Data is Big Brother!

Let’s stop the free era of internet by empower every ordinary person a OPTION: filter information in&out.

If you wanna call me, plz pay 1NBT in advance, otherwise you only hear busy voice.
If you wanna send me an email, plz pay 10NBT in advance, or rejected.
If you wanna follow me in twitter, plz pay 10 NBT month fee just like you suscribe apple music.

If you wanna brower my website, plz pay for every single click, DDoS attack is welcomed because that makes site owner rich. And site owners don’t need ads anymore.

If you wanna post a thread on forum, pay 3 NBT, and you will never need to input auth code and see ads.

You use NBT addesss as ID to buy items on ebay, even ebay knows your building address, it has no idea about your next NBT ID.

If we manage to modify TCP/IP protocol, we can change internet into a payment era rather than today’s free connection.

Cryptocurency, the money of internet, will change internet itself for ever.


To me, Nu is a DAC (means)
Value proposition (goal): crypto fiat over the web or tokenization of sovereign currencies

I like the thinking.
It reminds me of Proof of Park

Funny you should mention that. My next project after ALP v2 (very soon, I promise) is going to be a proof of burn / proof of park api. It will allow external services to plug in and offload the effort of having to monitor the blockchain for burns or parks.
The first consumer of the service will be the assistant bot. The plan is to have a forum section for advertisements. New posts there will be asked for a payment to a burn address and given 24 hours to pay before the post is removed. Should be a good automatic way to monetize the eyeballs on the forum. Beyond that I can see plugins and bots for various forum softwares, twitter bots, Facebook plugins, captchas, custom pay walls etc.
The api and assistant bit should be easy enough. Beyond that, we’ll see.


Not sure if I like that, can I also pay to not see the advertisements in my email feeds and the forum :wink:

I’m fully open to development ideas. Just need to figure out how to make them real.

I have already created an advertisements category on the forum, and I’ve also set it so that category does not show up in the “latest” view. We will not have ads cluttering the main page where shareholders need to access information relevant to running Nu.

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They plan to use “Proof of Park” to stop spam, but I suspect the feasibility. It is very inconvenient for customers to follow those tedious steps.

My suggestion is to modify the TCP/IP protocol(build a superset protocol ), we know two nodes on internet “shake hands” 3 times to establish a conenction.

TCP three-way handshake
A TCP connection is initialized through a three-way handshake. The purpose of the three-way handshake is to synchronize the sequence number and acknowledgment numbers of both sides of the connection and exchange TCP window sizes or the use of large window sizes or TCP timestamps. The following steps outline the process:

1. The initiator of the TCP connection, typically a client, sends a TCP segment to the server with an initial Sequence Number for the connection and a window size indicating the size of a buffer on the client to store incoming segments from the server.

2. The responder of the TCP connection, typically a server, sends back a TCP segment containing its chosen initial Sequence Number, an acknowledgment of the client’s Sequence Number, and a window size indicating the size of a buffer on the server to store incoming segments from the client.

3. The initiator sends a TCP segment to the server containing an acknowledgment of the server’s Sequence Number.

TCP uses a similar handshake process to end a connection. This guarantees that both hosts have finished transmitting and that all data was received.

1)At first, we build a payment system which can handle millions of transaction per second. Of course, the blockchain technology has no such producticity, just like the quarrelling among BTC community, 1M vs 2M blocksize etc. Some wanna bitcoin blockchain become a real-time, micro payment sysytem rather than a settlement network. I agree with SunnyKing that blockchain is only suitable for “backbone”, ie settlement network where PoS is far better than a PoW system.

We build a signers pool where thousands of NSE/BKS holders’ computers can multisig hold customers’ money. Just like OpenTransaction describes, this real time payment system is powerful enough to compete with VISA/MASTER.

  1. Then we modify TCP/IP protocol.

1. The initiator of the TCP connection, typically a client, sends a TCP segment to the server with an initial Sequence Number for the connection and a window size indicating the size of a buffer on the client to store incoming segments from the server.

In 1st step, we add payment information which tells the server" I’ve send 0.01NBT to your address." Eg. the tx information in our payment system.

2. The responder of the TCP connection, typically a server, sends back a TCP segment containing its chosen initial Sequence Number, an acknowledgment of the client’s Sequence Number, and a window size indicating the size of a buffer on the server to store incoming segments from the client.

In 2nd step, the server acacknowledg client’s payment infromation. And permit client to establish a connection.

All these happen in several seconds, only a real time payment system can handle it.

In this way, we change the foundation of internet, and game rules for advertising, DDoS…

If we wanna become a big company, we need to sell our service/product to every person, just like MS selling OS, facebook/google service, ebay transaction platform. We should raise a concept of “Personal Information Management”, we use cryptocurency to stop rubbish information coming to us and prevent private information leaking out.

I sniff at many cryptocurrenies marketing including bitcoin’s because they are busing on small business with their narrow field of vision. Let’s do something big, real revolution.

Your plan is very attractive, if not make customers busy on following tedious steps. We can develop a NBT/BKC wallet plugin for firefox, IE, safari etc, where customers can store dozens of NBTs for paying internet connections.

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I admire your ambition and it does present a nice, spam free future. Changing something as fundamental as TCP/IP would be a mammoth task. It would need agreement from a wide range of organisations who have been looking after it as a protocol for a long time. It would also require widespread adoption to have any meaning.

My initial observation is that the payment address of the server needs to be known by the client in order to send payment confirmation in the first handshake. How do you propose to overcome that? Adding another step to request the payment address adds another step. Adding the address to the first reply increases the amount of traffic required for each and every handshake.


Yes, upgrading TCP/IP is a big thing, but could we develope a patch that is backward compatible with official version?

Assume that we have a powerful B&C payment system(big signer pool ) which can handle millions transaction per second. And only 100 Nu/B&C comminity mumbers are in this world. We’ve installed the new TCP/IP patch, when we browsing traditional websites, every thing is OK, and is the only one website supporting our own TCP/IP version.

One day, I install firefox with a NBT wallet plugin, I’ve put 10NBT into my wallet within firefox. Then I turn on "payment "mode, input “” into my browser’s address bar.

My computer begin to shakehand with the server, this time, it is not empty hand, my computer reach its hand with an “electronic cheque” it says" hi, this is my 5NBT cheque and I permit you(server) to take my money to your own account(which I don’t care). You(server) can charge money according to my activity on your server, ie, your service. This electronic cheque is valid within 24hours".

Above is the 1st shakehand. Those extra cheque information is added after the traditional information. to

When server receive my information, it will look up whether my cheque is fake or a kiting cheque. After confirmed, server will do the 2nd shakehands with me.

I click 15 within, every clicking on a link is charged 0.01 NBT. I search two key words on forum(0.3NBT each), and post a thread (0.5NBT), download white paper once (0.2NBT) then I shut off my firefox.
Finally I am charged 1.45NBT.

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If it has taken since the 1990’s to get IPv6 to the deployment level it is, I can’t imagine changes at the TCP/IP level taking any less time.

Instead, what about providing some sort of intermediary service that is can ride atop or in between current protocols? Assuming the service to be accessed is something HTTP based, then there are some models in place already.

It is common for Content Delivery Networks and Cloud Translation companies to intercept and re-serve traffic on behalf of their customers. It would be plausible to then provide payment verification using a similar design.

Or another type of integration could be a toolkit of sorts – like what Paypal and Tinypass do.

I wonder if Nu could develop an open-source server-side module that could tap in to the Nu network to facilitate transactions. Some cut of the transaction could be a source of revenue for the Nu network in some way.

edit: those ways include: escrow, holding a user’s wallet in the blockchain with easy and hardened APIs to decrypt/transact


This is important.

Or another type of integration could be a toolkit of sorts – like what Paypal and Tinypass do.

If modifying TCP/IP HTTP protocol is too radical and hard, we may go to another way.
When I click next page of online novel or a song of online library or download button of a PDF document, a window popups, “please sending 0.1NBT to address: wigdfuwfoiwidfpwefpoope or B&C account :uwerwueiiuiu”, after clicking OK, the service is provided because my NBT wallet plugin of firefox pays it.

Nu/B&C has two advantages over bitcoin and these may make BTC obsolete quickly.

  1. stable price, customers don’t bother calculating prices.
  2. B&C signer escrow can provide far more transaction than 3 tx / second of bitcoin network(not 7 tx/sec as Mike Hearn said).

We can try it on our own website:, eg. by charging 0.1NBT on every forum post. If such model stands, we change internet companies’ profit model a lot. Website may give up ads as income while directly charge customers fee. And customers, don’t need to register on a website by providing email, user name, even phone number, so privacy is mantained: you only need show your NBT address or B&C market account which is less related to your real ID. Because we can change NBT address freely, the “big data companies”(they make me sick) can hardly track our behavior.

Last but not least, the Compliance. When a customer from south africa pays 0.01NBT to a website located in US while the real web owner is in Germany, who is in charge of this?


My only concern with identifying TCP/IP for change is that it’s a very lofty goal. Not to say it shouldn’t be a long term plan, I just think that the other things that have been mentioned will get a similar job done, from the end user perspective.
As stated above, my initial plan is to develop the service that can handle the payment, transaction and verification. That should allow us to build other cool stuff on top of it.


I can’t agree more. We’d better begin to work right now, and don’t need to wait B&C escrow payment.

Eg. Could you modify our to popup confirming payment windows? or a QR code also OK, then we can use android wallet sending 0.01NBT to test our model.

We need to beat Alipay/Paypal/VISA in this new huge market! Cryptos have advantage of low cost and worldwide, anonymous. Alipay is very famous in China and it’s Applepay’s big competitor. But is Alipay anywhere in America or Europe? Afraid not, and when you use Alipay, your real ID, you consuming habits is tracked by big companies. :frowning:

a reference article.

English translation by google

Recently more and more noticed, paid Internet era has arrived, and free Internet era is dying, everyone pay for internet service is about to become a trend. This is not just an arbitrary, East Building is some recent personal experience.

Paid Internet era quietly come

Not long ago, I was on a buy site buy price of 43 yuan movie tickets, movie tickets get displayed price is 40 yuan. That means that the difference of $ 3 is buy site service fee. This is a very significant change in a few years ago, to pull the buy site user is subsidizing user please watch the movie. Also, I often watch movies through video App, meet their favorite movie need to pay 5 yuan. Would not hesitate to choose to pay to watch, if placed before, pay per view movies, including myself, it is that most users do not choose things, first of piracy can be seen for free in other places; the second is a video the site itself poor experience, inadequate definition and smooth enough to drive users to pay.

However, today, when more and more full-service buy the site, more convenient, we have become dependent, and then are willing to pay a few dollars to solve their own needs, and to experience more and more video sites good, more and more people are willing to spend money to have a good experience. There are more such as Thunder download, QQ and other Internet service members had to accept the reality of our fee-based. All this is slowly changing because of age, pay the Internet era has arrived.

Four Reasons for the trend to become paid

To sum up, the reason that the time has come to pay the Internet, mainly in the following four reasons:

1, universal mobile payment tool

First, the popularity of mobile payment products is fragmented and makes it more and more impulse buying. Once you have the desire to buy, quick to make payment transactions instantaneously, and before you calm down, trade has come in front of you. Especially micro letter envelopes, Alipay and other popular mobile payment products, making the chance of random people consume greatly enhance impulse buying has become the norm.

2, the user consumption capacity building

The most important progress with the times, the mobile Internet more than before spending power of the population, which is the result of people’s incomes increase, most users have to pay tens or hundreds of dollars instead of a burden on the economy, and only the pursuit of a better experience. An important example is that while video sites generally do not profit, but almost all of the video sites offer a monthly subscription or single-per-view movie service, paid online video viewing will increasingly become the trend. An important driving force behind this is that people’s spending capacity building, improve the experience of people have such willingness to pay.

3, the individual needs to promote

This individual needs to promote not only will drive mobile providers prosperity, content will also promote sales of other products. Like text, music, video and other content products more accessible to income ratio PC era. Scarcity value of content is increasingly being recognized, people content products consumption capacity greater liberation, such as online video works, e-book reader, music downloads, games, props and so consumption will become more the norm, artisans (special refers to a person’s field of expertise) will greatly enhance the ability to generate revenue. Such as micro-blog a reward function, let a lot of hand piece and industry opinion leaders earn revenue through a reward or pay to read manner.

4, to reduce the time cost Inevitable

And, with the progress of society, to further accelerate the pace of life, free implies the need to pay higher additional cost choice between time and money, people will cherish their time, and the way to achieve savings through paid time , the purpose of reducing the cost of choice, which is the reason a lot of people willing to choose to pay the service.

All in all, the mobile Internet era of the Internet and the gradual lifting of product experience, cultivate the habit of users, the Internet era of free will exit the stage of history, will be replaced by paid everyone to enjoy the new era of Internet services, people are no longer satisfied with the free public service, more interested private customized experience better and better service charge value-added services.


Can you elaborate on that? I am very interested in getting to know to which extent B&C can be leveraged for creating millions of wallets (nubits, bitcoin etc…) very securely without having to download the blockchain on the one hand 1) and for enabling millions of tx per second on the other hand 2).

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That’s “Open Transaction”'s multisignature , off chain.

There is no upper limit quantity of B&C signer pool, if there is one million B&C signers, each can perform 100tx/sec, and multisig is always 10signer holding, that’s 10 million tx/sec.

While the blockchain tech is only suitable for settlement network. So I don’t care about Bitcoin 1MB or 33MB blockszize debate at all, unless they find a way to reach one million tx/sec on blockchain.

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How that is specifically possible?

When I read open transaction documents, off chain transaction dose not interact with block chain at all, a Intel I5 2600K hash rate is 18MH/s, the bottleneck maybe Internet bandwidth. Within one second, a signer receives 100 B&C accounts’ receipt and encrypt them. Is it impossible?

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