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Looks like Ehereum topped out.

Money rotating into the 3 anonymous coins in the top 10


How long will this pump last and where will it go next?

data coins?
alternative POW solutions like NEM and LTC?
DPOS(like DCR)?
smartcoins like Nubits?


I’m sorry? I was not aware the NuBits peg had failed. I must not be looking close enough. :rolling_eyes:


Were you able to make contact @cryptog?


Yes. The interview is scheduled to tonight :slight_smile:


Good luck!


How an Open-Source ‘Federal Reserve’ is Run: Nubits’ Pascal Hideki Hamonic [Published on Apr 14, 2016]


Huge shout out to Amanda for covering us! And great job @cryptog. How can we use this video to advertise Nu? Please let us know here where you post the video so we can all support it.

Edit: Looks like it’s on r/cryptocurrency already…


Looks like we were one of the last episodes. Daily Decrypt is over. :frowning:


Steam is going to start accepting Bitcoin payments soon!


Well than you can use the NuDroid App even for that without being exposed to volatility :slight_smile: It only gets better!

BTW Said to see the Daily Decrypt go. We desperately need something ‘independant’. Many other outlets are so skewed towards Bitcoin and narrow minded towards anything else unfortunately.


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Maybe this is too fresh to bring up and those involved need a day or two before responding, but is there anything we can truly learn from this? Let’s not be quick to name call or place blame. Is there actually any lesson that we can pull from it that would be helpful to us as an organization in any way?

Also, here is a link to the followup thread…


If anybody wants to attend to a conference where ideas for alternative monetary systems meet ideas about cryptocoins:

I seriously think that financial theory is still one of Nu’s weak areas - although Nu’s business is providing a currency.
Would be helpful to bring some alternative financial school attention to Nu!

ninjaedit: damn! It already was on 12th April.
Skimming the announcement I confused day and month and thought the conference would be on 4th December.
I decided to not delete this post, because I think the part about lack of financial theory at Nu holds true.

here’s the agenda and some videos


Nicely done, @Nagalim!


NuBits = An 18 Month Old DAO for Fiat-Pegged Cryptocurrencies



The Rise of Stable Coins (DGX, DAI)


Beyond Bitcoin: How Stable Are Alternative


Good job doing the interview, @cryptog !