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You’re right. I guess I expected too much. I just don’t want to see them turn into one of those crypto news services in which everything is paid for reporting. Our policy of not paying for articles gets us next to nothing worth of press coverage and limits awareness of our network, but I understand why we don’t do it. Earned press is always better, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen often enough.


I’d take volatility over instability any day. I don’t plan on buying any dai until there’s been at least 2 major blackswan events and dai has survived.

How many blackswans has nubits survived so far?


NuBits mentioned at 21:30 –



Not sure what the opportunity is in the thread.
If ccedk had an ETH/US-NBT pair we could have helped out given we have a decent pool on the USD/US-NBT pair.



Amanda is looking for an interview partner regarding our custodial grant system.


Can i do it via txt? What’s an interview?


I have seen previous interviews between her and someone else using video chat. I wouldn’t think text would suffice, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask. Before that though we should see if somebody is able to do a video interview. @cryptog did one before. Is he able to do one again, this time with a larger audience? If we can’t produce somebody in a timely manner, then we can’t complain if our network is ignored in the future. This is an opportunity, so let’s make something positive out of it? Who can step up for this?


is @chronos still around?


I messaged him on Peercointalk just in case. He was online today.


“nushareholder” is one of my twiter accounts.
I would suggest @cryptog for the interview


@crypto_coiner @Sentinelrv Tks for suggesting me. I can do the interview.



Hi guys,

Yes, I’m around. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the chance to represent Nu on the Daily Decrypt. I haven’t been following some of Nu’s more recent liquidity pool innovations, so @cryptog would probably be a better all-around pick for the job. I appreciate the invitation!


OK - I have replied to amanda (thru twitter nushareholder) and set up an interview with @cryptog



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Re: Bitbay Announce First Decentralized Market Release (out of Beta)

What makes BitBay different from the rest will be the rolling peg, ‘user value protection’ tech.
So not everything has been done already as this is no “Nubits” failed design; it’s not even in the same ‘ballpark’.


Stable altcoin?
on bitcointalk [March 21, 2016]