SouthX Delisting NSR

It looks like NSR is being delisted.

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This is a very sad news, if someone have acess to the main blockchain, maybe we can build a dedicaded exechange

Stablecoin Tokens by Market Capitalization is about 187 billion

Nubits just 300K$ , last change to buy and Parking.

Feel free to make a community page here:

Who’s still running the project?

Technically, you don’t need SouthXchange. You could use wrapped versions of NBT and NSR. Peercoin for example is now on Ethereum and Polygon in the form of Wrapped Peercoin (wPPC).

So you could get wNBT and wNSR on popular decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and QuickSwap. We created our own custom bridging software to accomplish this, and it can be expanded to other EVM based blockchains. You can read about it here…

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The problem here is Phoniex disappear for along time and we don’t have LIQ for Pools , the problem about APY, Stacking on Wrap is also. I think we still need a fully assembled team, and big angel investors. My idea is Nubits fork to new chain, more stronger and faster like Terra…

Didn’t age well

nice to see you back , is there a future for Nubits when the whole algorithmic stablecoin market crashes ?

Not much I can do. I’m just a spectator like you here. When I offer to pay for hosting to give the project some runway and I’m ignored, I can’t say I’m optimistic.

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I see that people are interested in Nubits and algorithmic stablecoins a lot after the crash of Terra and UST, it seems that delisted on all exchanges has lost the chance of Nubits to recover.

RIP NUBITs, Luna, Terra.