So as a new member how can I help Nu?

I have slowly purchased 1 Million NSR 100K stuck in BTER now sigh. And I have buy and sell orders on I’m trying to make sure my sells don’t create a bad sell wall. I think NSR has great potential.


Welcome @HashDawg. Glad to hear that you see the bright future that Nu has. Sorry to hear about your BTER issues. Hopefully they will be resolved soon and happily.

The best and easiest way to help Nu would be to keep abrest of the latest proposals and motions and to use your NuShares to vote for the ones you think are worthy. It’s important to remember that if you are minting your NuShares without having votes configured in your client, you are effectively voting against all motions and proposals.
Follow these links to see the available Custodial Grant Proposals and Motions. You could also configure your Nu client to use a Data Feed so that votes are configured for you.

Beyond that, your help depends on your available time and where your interests lie.
You could consider becoming a Liquidity Providing Custodian and offer some of your NuBits on Exchanges in return for a Custodial Fee,
You might produce some infographics to help spread the word about Nu,
You could approach service providers and try to interest them in supporting NuBits.
You could reach out to other communities and answer questions about Nu.

Those are just a few ideas. Feel free to do one, all or none of them. Any other ideas you have would be great too.

[Shameless Plug! - If you are looking for a Custodial Proposal to support straight away, you could do worse than adding this request to get NuBits listed on - [Passed] liquidity provision]


you can use my feeds if you like. [OLD] Cryptog's datafeeds - BETA

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