Vote configuration settings

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I have seen this warning many times. If this is something we have to keep warning people about, may it be a good idea to change the default to something not warn-worthy?

There are a few thoughts about that.
It is intended for the future that there will be a default data feed that comes pre-loaded into the client. I’ve not seen much talk about which feed to use yet though.

There’s a lso a discussion taking place around updating the voting to be terniary rather than binary. Currently the two votes are Yes and No (vote or blank). The proposed system would add another option so we would have Yes, No and Unconfigured. That would mean that unconfigured clients wouldn’t count as no votes. To vote ‘No’ you would need to specifically configure a No vote.

So, to answer your question, there is movement to have the default as something that is not warn-worthy. Until either change (or both) is implemented though, the default needs the warning.